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My Top 10 LD23 Games so far!

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Saturday, April 28th, 2012 3:23 pm

Ok, I’ve rated 50 games so far (and left comments on each one of them because they all deserve it) so it’s time for me to share the awesomeness of the entries I’ve reviewed. I must say all of them were amazing games so it’s hard for me to pick only 10. I would actually like to pick 50 but oh well, I don’t want this to be easy for me either, picking 10 is a sort of a personal challenge.

There are a few games whose level of polish blown me away. I’ve placed them at the top 5 places of this list.  Besides that particular arrangement there’s no order in the list whatsoever.


5% done : favorites!

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 10:22 am

so far I played & rated about 70 games … which are mere 5% of the entries. this is incredible!

here are my favorites so far (in no particular order):

Tiny Visitor

such a charming style and classic gameplay. also a very good example for controlled color use

Gods Inc.

wonderful style and concept


this one blew me away. it eludes me how people can make such a polished thing in mere days
the amount of playtesting to get this result must be incredible

eat, sleep, work

a great concept and metaphor for modern life


one of the most solid games I’ve played at this LD

Tiny Wizard

this is one of my most favorite ones. I love everything about it – give it a try

A Super Mario Summary

one of the few games that already hyped even outside of ludum dare

Dwindling Worlds

not necessarily a game but a very surreal experience. something everyone should try out

Drop of Life

everyone who is interested in AI, computer science and philosophy knows the game of life – this is for you

Buggy, Tank and Missile Launcher!!!

possibly one of the games with the biggest commercial potential – I want a fleshed out version on my phone (and multiplayer)


and last but not least , check out my game: Asylum
(but give it some minutes to pull you into it’s world – it’s very twisted)

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