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Failed! :(

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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 7:29 pm

There are 35 minutes left while I’m writing this and the game needs a lot of work yet. I cannot finish the game :(

This was my first Ludum Dare and I was too greedy with the game. Too much things in 48 hours and I was doing everything with pure Java. That’s what I got today:

  • Other 2 mobs not implemented
  • Boss not implemented
  • Boss AI not implemented
  • Dialogs not implemented
  • Background music, boss battle music, endgame music not implemented
  • SFXs not implemented (just 2 :( )
  • Shapeshifting mechanic not implemented (You were supposed to absorb all the corruption from the enemies to get into them and get new habilities. Then you have to choose correctly what enemy form you want to adopt)
Tools I used:
  • Eclipse for Java programming
  • for images
  • LMMS for music
  • Bfxr for sound effects
  • OBS to record the timelapse of the game development
Good luck everyone and see you next LD, bye :)

Almost there, but maybe next time. LD#34 Growth and 2 Buttons

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 7:54 pm

First time in the comp and was entering the compo with growth. Limiting buttons to space bar and point click with mouse, using just Unity 3D. I started work on the game this morning and sadly couldn’t get it working fully, the “growth” mechanic doesn’t work as planned. So here are some screens instead, but a failed game.

Its 12 little gardens in which you should have been able to grow coloured cubes, on either of the 3 axis using “space” to change which axis. Each colour of cube grows differently. The green blocks were the next stage with revolutions instead which I got working. The black boxes absorb and remove your other coloured growth blocks. Also had goals, to push balls around into goals while avoiding losing your growth blocks. Some parts were revolving to make it more difficult and each garden introduced a new idea on how to manipulate the growth blocks.

SS13-puzzle 3 SS12 wide view completed SS11-final puzzle SS10-puzzle 10 SS9-puzzle 9 SS6-puzzle 2 SS7-wide shot SS8-wide shot

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