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Small update: the same game …but with no bug (almost)

Posted by (twitter: @jacqueslelezard)
Thursday, September 8th, 2016 3:37 pm

Hi, just a word to announce a small update which fix all the main bugs my compo game had (PC and Android Cardboard). Otherwise it is still the mighty original 48h compo game.
Let me know if you have any idea of improvement, I’ll try to spend some time on it later!


Play here

Oh and maybe I’ll also write a short post mortem soon


Hello, everyone! I’m Shaquille Stoutamire (Defacid/Acid) and I had a lot of fun with Ludum Dare this year! I’m really excited that, even though I still had a lot going on, I managed to finish my entry! It’s not as fleshed out as I wanted it to be, but I submitted it in time… with a whole minute to spare!


– Randomly generated worlds with terrain and plantlife variations

– Pretty decent gravity and rocket physics (there are definitely bugs, but it’s relatively solid)

– Basis to a leveling system


– Fleshing out the level system to actually DO something

– Adding outposts and environmental interactions like gathering resources and using them to survive

– Spending too much time on the planet generation: I had already build a similar system before, funnily enough for a previous Ludum Dare, but I ran into an error didn’t want to look at it or use that code base – when I do a game jam, I like to work from scratch in the engine/IDE that I’m using. Next time, even if I’m not going to copy and paste, I’ll at least look. 😛

– Actually fleshing out the morality element. Right now, the player themselves has to ask the question of “Why am I killing these little guys?” when experience doesn’t change anything about the gameplay. But I wanted to actually add something of value to the mix like planets losing color saturation when you kill enemies, but you get something in return so you have to weigh whether or not it’s worth it to kill these defenseless little guys.

– Clearing my schedule for the event. It was unavoidable (school, watching my son, my car broke down haha) but it still definitely hurt my game. I lost AT LEAST 24 hours due to obligations and 8 to sleeping. So I ended up with about 12 or so game dev hours at the maximum. :(

I’m going to port my game to HTML5 within the next day so that more people will play it! But within the next 20 days, I’m going to play as many other compo entries as possible! I will make sure to play and rate every game of every person who rates and comments on my game.

telecaster – exploration space game

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 8:39 pm


Telecaster is a game where you click Planets to Telecast to them in your Ship. Once abroad, various local effects occur that affect your mission. The goal is to acquire as many resources as possible in your exploration of all castable planets. 

Written in ImpactJS using an old template (Hence why this is a Jam) 

EDIT: (8-24-14 1:50pm PST) Way more to do, way more planets, better sprites, tons of kind-of-instructive text! 
You take your crew on an epic voyage through the telecaster, embarking on strange new worlds and frequently being sought out by the local wildlife. You are are a voyage to get as many Crystals as possible, they are required by your civilization to survive. If your crew dies, your fuel runs out, or your hull gets destroyed: You and your people lose. Winning is simply a trade off between the long sought out Crystals and the precious (but expendable) lives of your crew. Post screenshots of your high score with a brief bio of your Captain for a chance to be included in the next round of new planets!

And also a reddit link!


Friday, August 22nd, 2014 8:50 pm

Hi there. Nice to be part of a LudumDare again. Hope all of you’re enjoying this weekend.

My idea is not finalized. Have to go to bed and lucid dreaming about it. Maybe there are possible better ideas for a 48h competition. But here is, what I have so far:

Name of the Game: WhatHappendToBetelgeuse.

Plot: Earth founded a colony at Betelgeuse hundred of years ago. Colonists were traveling via generation spaceship. Successfully they founded a colony. After years contact to Betelgeuse gets lost. What happend. After many years mankind was building a ship with a stardrive engine to be able to look after Betelgeuse and the lost colonists.

Mechanics: Star map is generated randomly. Your ship is starting at earth to reach Betelgeuse. But every turn ship will use power, food and integrity. If you will reach Betelgeuse, you have to visit asteroid fields, plantes and unknown entities on the m,ap to restock your resources and improve the skills of the crew. If there is no food, your crew will loose skill and die after some time. If your energy cells are empty your ship will not move and you’ll loose everything. If integrity is low your ship will use more energy per move and finally will be destroyed.

Thats it so far … here is a rapidly created concept image


Now I have to sleep. Hopefully I’ll be back at 10am MET for development and livestreaming. Bye and good night!

Post-Competition Release: The Labyrinth of Keys

Posted by (twitter: @Martze)
Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 11:39 am



Although it was not completed in time for the Jam, we would like to share the game we started for Ludum Dare 28.

More details at the link above.



Time Frame – 10 seconds in the span of 10 minutes

Posted by (twitter: @tylerowen)
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 3:43 pm


So, I made a game in 72 hours. Well, the competition entry is not entirely what I had envisioned for the concept, but I accomplished quite a bit in the time I had so I’m pretty proud of it. Time Frame is a game about exploring a strange world that moves in slow motion. The game takes place over the span of only 10 seconds, which you experience over 10 minutes. With a theme like 10 seconds and I really wanted to make something that wasn’t fast-paced and frantic like I knew 99% of the other entries would be. The idea was to have a vast area that you would never actually be able to completely explore within the time limit. I succeeded with that, but I wasn’t able to fill that area with as many sights and sounds as I had hoped. I wanted to have all kinds of things happening in slow motion to emphasize the time dilation, but I ran out of time. In the end there are really only a couple things that give you a frame of reference for how slow time is moving. The first is a fountain at the entrance of an abandoned city that has water falling in slow motion. The second is an event that happens towards the end of the game that reveals why the game ends at all, so I won’t spoil it for you (though I have updated the game since the competition deadline and added more stuff… read below).

The art style was something that I chose to make asset creation faster. Everything has a very simple, yet high-def look that emphasizes triangles. I actually made all the textures using a really neat application called Hexels. It’s an awesome tool that lets you paint using shapes other than just pixels. I used the trixel shape mode and was able to really quickly develop a unique style. Hexels has a free version that I would recommend everyone check out.

Soon after the close of the competition I added in support for the Oculus Rift as well. I have had the Rift dev kit for about a month now and have been wanting to do something with it for a while. It was a great way to get familiar with the setup so that we can use it while developing Lacuna Passage as well.

I’ve had most of my time wrapped up in developing Lacuna Passage, but I have been working on Time Frame on the weekends and I managed to update the game with a bunch more stuff to explore and discover. You can play the updated version or the original version via web player, Windows download, or Windows Rift versions from our competition page.

Time Frame was created using Unity. Music by Clark Aboud (also our composer for Lacuna Passage). Programming, art, and design by myself, and additional art by Alex Senechal.

Iceberg Explorer : Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @tinyruin)
Saturday, May 4th, 2013 4:09 am

Iceberg Explorer - screenshot main with logo


What went right:

  • Making a non-violent, exploration-based game.
  • Creating textures, sounds and the map in time (72 hours).
  • Keeping the games mechanics understandable.
  • Providing stunning graphics, but still having a relatively small size (16,6 megs .zip with all executables) and good performance.
  • Recording (few) suiting sounds.
  • Approaching the theme in an non-obvious way.
  • Making a few cents trough GameJolts ad-share.


What went wrong:

  • Implementing a cutscene reflecting on the players discoveries.
  • Creating the terrain in less time,  using the heightmap function right from the beginning.
  • Making the journal appealing for most players.
  • Providing executables for Linux 64bit and Windows initially – ports are avaible now.

I really enjoyed working on the game and I’m planning to sell an extended version in Summer.
If you haven’t explored the iceberg yet, start your discovery here.

Obscure submitted.

Posted by (twitter: @curtissivess)
Sunday, April 28th, 2013 3:13 pm



I didn’t really want to post a blog on my game until it was ready, because it’s very difficult to communicate what it is just through screenshots. I thought it best to wait until people could actually play it.

Obscure is a minimalist horror exploration game. You are trapped in a pitch black complex, and must find your way out with what little light you have available. A monster is stalking you, and the only way to escape him is to close your eyes and run. Sanctuary is available to the south east, but getting there through the labyrinth will be difficult. You can find its page here.

The graphics are only represented by what your light is blocked by, but each area should be uniquely designed enough that you don’t lose track of where you are or turn around with realising it. This is the first time I’ve made a horror game, and I think it came out really well. It was also the first time I’ve tried a lot of things.

I never actually realised until I was making this game how easy generating collision maps was in Love2d. You can import an image and do a pretty simple loop to build up a 2d array with all the collision data you need. However, using this meant that load times became an issue. With the size of the game I wanted, importing and looping through an image that was the same size as the level (1 pixel = 1 pixel) would take minutes, which is way too long.

I managed to save a bit of time by making the collision map a two colour gif rather than a png, and also made the image much smaller (I then scaled up the array rather than the image), and halved the size of the level (in retrospect, that level was twice as big as it needed to be anyway). This brought it down to about a 10 second loading time on my rubbish old laptop, which seems reasonable to me, and anyone with a slightly more modern machine probably won’t even notice the load.

Because the graphics are so minimal, a lot is represented by the sound (the most important of which is the location of the monster). This is also somewhat new territory for me, but I managed to build up some sounds from the infinite source of foley that is my house to create what I think are pretty convincing effects.

I’ll probably have more reflections on the game when I’m a bit less buzzed from completing it, but I feel very happy with what I managed to create. If nothing else, it’s atmospheric.

First details to “Once I Found Love”

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 4:08 am

Although I don’t have the time to work on the game for the whole 48 hours, I decided to join LD this time again.

I decided to go with a very minimalist space game, which is very focused in the things you can do (fly and collect stuff), but still has a feeling of vastness, as the space in the game is huge (200000 x 200000 pixels).

You are an astronaut searching for your partner, which flew into space and left you behind. You decided to go after your partner to bring him back and thus the adventure begins…

Here’s a first screenshot showing a very small planet near a blue sun. There are speakers on some planets giving you missions or information.

First screenshot of "Once I Found Love"

First screenshot of “Once I Found Love”

I hope I will be able to integrate the story I came up with. Right now I only have the physics up and running and some graphics.

Best luck to every developer joining Ludum Dare! :)


Evolver is a game where the point is to explore the randomly generated world.  Exploring the world will allow you to pick up ability points which can then be used to evolve or upgrade your character and make him better at exploring the world.

Here is a link to the game


You may notice the instructions panel is blank, one of more than a few things that didn’t make it off of the list and into the game.
Instructions :
Camera : Mouse (lmb/rmb change how it moves around)
Movement : WASD
Esc/Return : Bring up menus
Special Powers : double press W for dash, Q for Ecolocation
There’s a whole lot more that can be done, but figure it out on your own.



Posted by (twitter: @jplur_)
Monday, December 14th, 2009 10:19 pm

Finally got my timelapse uploaded.  I used chronolapse.

Now I’m going to start chipping away at playing all these great entries

Little Worlds 4k – Done!

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Sunday, December 13th, 2009 1:58 pm

I finished and submitted Little Worlds 4k perhaps three hours ago, but forgot to write a post here, so now I’m doing just that. The finished game is here. It’s not quite what I had in mind, but it will have to do for this contest. I’m hoping to polish the game and turn it into something worth-while for the Java4k contest.


Exploring Ideas

Posted by (twitter: @frimkron)
Saturday, December 12th, 2009 4:19 am

Hmmm – “Exploration” – what a theme.

It sounded really interesting at first and I’m pretty sure I voted it up, but now I’m having a bit of brain-fail trying to come up with a feasible idea. I’m tempted to try my hand at some procedural generation, but that’s gone badly for me in the past…

Getting Started with Exploration

Posted by of LoneStranger Designs (twitter: @lnstrngr)
Saturday, December 12th, 2009 2:54 am

I’ve got an idea for Exploration that I’ve had for awhile and wanted to do as a project.  The theme gives me a great opportunity to do it.

The idea is that you are an explorer sent to sail the world and to bring back riches and claim land in the name of the mother country.

I don’t have much at all yet.  I struggled with how I wanted to represent the world data and scrapped a few ideas before settling on a bitmap and accompanying data file.  As of now, I have it able to load up the bitmap and extra info into a class, but nothing is done with them yet.   I’m falling asleep at my desk, so I think I should get some sleep and continue fresh in the morning.

LD8.5 Entry: buggyGame

Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 7:53 am

This was my very first LD entry ever!

It was written with python + pygame. I don’t have my original compo submission version handy, these screenshots are from the slightly polished version of the game that I have available on my website. Since “Anti-Text” was one of the themes, there wasn’t a title on the title screen, nor was there the status bar on the bottom of the screen when playing the game. The final version has the same original 3 levels as the compo submission though.

buggyGame screenshot #3buggyGame screenshot #1buggyGame screenshot #2

All in all, I’m quite happy with the result. It’s a nice simple game that allowed me to show off some of my ‘graphics-making’ abilities. I spent the majority of my game development time doing the graphics. The first level in particular took a very long time because I digitally painted it using my wacom tablet (see the second screenshot above). Phew!

You can download the game (both win32 and python source available) and find a bit more information here:

LD8½: Moon

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 2:36 pm

My entry for Ludum Dare 8.5. LD 8.5 wasn’t a 48 hour compo, we only got 24 hours to make the game in, but the start time was flexible so you could choose the 24 hours of the weekend the compo was held that was best for you. I managed to use exactly 24 hours on my entry =)

Themes were Moon (actually “But even if you doubt their overwhelming findings, the Moon will never be the same to you again. Never will you raise your eyes to look at her without wondering: IS IT OR ISN’T IT AN ALIEN SPACESHIP WORLD?”, but everyone interpreted it as just “Moon”) and Anti-Textmode, no text at all in the game.

Title screen

The story, which you have to guess at since there’s no text (and the readme is rather sparse), goes: You’re a rabbit, minding your own business on the moon, when one day a butterfly comes flying from somewhere. It flies straight into a crater, which happens to lead to a huge system of caves beneath the surface. Curious rabbit as you are, you follow it, and so the game begins.

First screen

When I started making this I actually intended to make one of those bullet hell shooter games, but for some reason the game evolved into this cave-flying exploration game in stead. Or, well, calling it an exploration game might be a bit of a stretch since there’s only 5 rooms in the game, not counting the exit room (which is a very quick drawing of what’s supposed to be me in my bed, getting a good night’s sleep after 24 hours straight spent coding and drawing), but it would have been if I had spent less time fooling around with the code. For such an art-heavy game you’d think most of the time was spent drawing things (all the rooms are just bitmaps, there’s no tiles), but I actually spent most of the time on code. So, the art didn’t take much time, which kinda surprised me, though of course everything being lores greyscale had something to do with that, and I did rush it a bit too. Anyway, doing the art was a lot of fun.

It shoots!

So anyway, you fly around in this cave system, collecting flashing ring things to open gates while avoiding monsters and projectiles and such. It’s a shame the game is so extremely short, because I really like it and think it could be a good game with some more work. Maybe I’ll get back to it sometime =)

Download: [ Windows | Linux/source code ]

[cache: storing page]