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Sunday, November 9th, 2008 2:31 pm

I finished my entry. Random and unedited thoughts follow. :)

Quick instructions: You are the “@”, use the nethack keys to move (hjkl and yubn for diagonal movement), t to toggle your light. Run into a wall to dig a tunnel with your pickaxe, make your way to the surface (“<” are the up stairs) collecting valuable gems on the way.

I didn’t get enough balancing in so chances are it’s too easy / hard. I wish I’d added an in game help thing (as it is pressing F1 will just tell go to go rtmf). I feel I did capture some of the original game’s essence (run away from the guards and don’t let your flashlight’s battery run out) so I’m pretty happy as far as that is concerned. Hopefully the learning curve won’t be too hard, which is a risk with roguelikes I think.

Codewise, feel free to look but it’s probably worthless except as an example of how not to make good software. One part I feel could have used more time was the cavern generator, it runs quite slowly (but not enough for me to take time to fix it) and I don’t fix the results for connectedness which is why I included the digging feature. I’m not too happy with that. :S

Anathema RL Python + Pygame

Anathema RL

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Saturday, November 8th, 2008 2:26 pm

the roguelike

I’ve been making a cover of Phil Hassey’s “Escape from Anathema Mines” today.

I’ve been wanting to try writing a roguelike for a while, and what better time than during LD? :) It is beginning to be playable so hopefully tomorrow I can get enough gameplay in it to call it complete.

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