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Bad Puppy: Tonight’s post-compo enhancements

Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 9:52 pm

Play Bad Puppy!

  1. Random sweater colors.
  2. Multi-barking.

These are just aesthetic enhancements, and do not affect gameplay at all from the previous post-compo build.

Bad Puppy: Post-compo enhancement

Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 10:57 pm


Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Monday, August 27th, 2012 7:22 pm

Fixed a few issues with Karyote:

Enhancement 1:

The disappearing food bug was the main thing. After playing for a few minutes, it seemed like everything disappeared. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Now you can play a lot longer. This is closer to the way it was meant to be all along.

Enhancement 2:

[mild spoiler alert]: fully implemented the mote behavior.  I don’t want to give it away, too much, but they now do something.  OK, I’ll tell you, when you mutate, they mutate also, into one of the other food types that are present in the game.

Enhancement 3:

Slightly improved the title screen by adding a larger title font. The old title text is now kindof a subtitle, I guess. I think it looks a lot nicer. Also added a graphic to the title screen which gives the controls, so you know how to play without reading the entry page. And added a timer to the Game Over to return to the title screen if you don’t start a new game after a few seconds.

Enhancement 4:

  • Added grid lines to the background, to aid in conveying the sense of motion.  Mainly this helps when you’re in a sparse area or if you mutated into a slower organism.
  • Fixed the mutation math so the player’s speed and turn_speed cannot be 0.

Enhancement 5:

  • Added visual effects to the player.  As you get closer to mutation, your appearance becomes more unstable.
  • New enemy behavior is now modified when you mutate.
  • Added a new food type, Ziggy.

Enhancement 6:

  • Added visual effects to the enemies.  There are now lots of colorful particle effects when enemies spawn, or you eat them, and during mutation.
  • Dashboard life and food numbers have been replaced with bars.

Enhancement 7:

  • Changed up the visual effects for the player a bit, due to limitation of HTML5 being unable to handle Game Maker’s additive color blending.
  • Dashboard life and food bars have been replaced by hearts and dots.
  • Mutation math has been tweaked to be a little bit less wild.
  • Added some controls to aid debugging:
    • Press “c” to toggle the dashboard’s display of the count of instances in the game.
    • Press “d” to toggle the dashboard’s display of your closest enemy.  This also shows the target for the “Homey” enemies.
    • Press “z” to self-destruct.
    • Press “r” to restart the game (this has been present all along, not just when the game is over).

Enhancement 8:

  • Added new food type, Whirly.
  • Added level progression.
  • Finally finally fixed the Homey chases the top left corner bug.  Turns out he would target the dashboard display, lol.

Enhancement 9:

  • New soundtrack by Ian Faleer

Enhancement 10:

  • Finally, the last feature for the game is complete!  Your sprite changes when you mutate.  New sprites are procedurally generated based on your new ability stats.
  • When you mutate, your former forms become available to the game as enemy AI.
  • HTML5 version has some problems with generating the procedurally generated sprites, resulting in oversized collision mask and unfair collisions, so play the Windows version to get the full experience.

Enhancement 11:

  1. Player’s sprite mutation
  2. Old player forms return as new enemy types

Play it!

Give it a try now:

Karyote by Chris Sanyk (enhanced) (HTML5)

Karyote by Chris Sanyk (enhanced) (Windows)

The Windows build has nicer particle effects due to the way colors are rendered by the Game Maker runner in HTML5.

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