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Temple Swapper – Post-Mortem – Part 1: First time organization

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Thursday, December 11th, 2014 1:12 pm

This is our entry ! Check it out if you haven’t already 😉

When we decided to participate to a LD for the first time, we didn’t knew at all what was coming at us. We didn’t investigated, or made research about the rules or anything. We simply wanted to participate and be thrown up with a theme and trying to figuring out, on our best capacity, on how we could handle it ourselves for a limited period of time. At start, we thought it was 48h, because everybody we heard about it were alone and were doing the Compo, so we decided for the most part that we needed to make a simple, yet very short and easy to do game, so we could focus the most of our time on the core experience, the game design and the game balancing and not on programming problems like we already faced in the past. After all, we all took a game design degree class and one of the most challenging part was to design a game and trying to concertize most of its part within a set deadline.

A week before the LD, we still didn’t investigated the website for information, so we though it was a good time to search for past LD’s post-mortems in order to seek out how this event were unfolding for other people. It turns out that we learned that :

When you do a Ludum Dare, it’s not about making a game in 48h that felt the most challenging, it was about being organized within that time limit.

A tons of post-mortems were talking about time management and how an idea or a feature could have been implemented if they had previously planned efficiently their weekend. We read that some people were stumbling and thinking too much on ideas during the first day that they couldn’t have implemented other things they cared about. Sometime it was about bugs or other problems that were too much ambitious to implement and took too much time to fix.

So with all that knowledge, we knew that to be sure to have a game at the end of our first LD, we needed to stick with something simple and I think the theme did really proved to be the right training for us.

As for the organization of the weekend, we sketched a schedule that would set our main goals and guidelines on how we would be tackling the LD. It was important to make it as much open as possible and that this schedule was only for us a temporary guideline, something we could relate to if we lose focus on the next task at hand. We were fully aware that if something was going to go wrong, that schedule would be scrapped and we would’ve need a new one to fit the current situation.

Anyway, we decided to share with you our schedule, if in any case it will be your first LD or if you need something to relate to. Remember that this schedule has been made for a team of 3 in mind and that we made it before knowing in the end that it was 72h instead of 48h :


Goal of the night:
Getting an idea and a core mechanic before the end of the night. The more fast we discover the “fun” factor and the core experience we want to deliver to the player, the more time we can focus on balancing and bug fixing.

Schedule proposal for the night :
21:00 : Theme discovery and brainstorming on possible ideas, concepts and experience that would make a short game in 48h.
23:00 : Prototyping the core experience. It could be a simple gameplay mechanic that would define the game or a way to play the game according to the chosen design : this has to be as much realistic in term of technical difficulty and simple as possible to test, but not mandatory. For graphics and sounds, there would be an extended research on the artistic vision and sounds we would like to have for our game.
1:00 : End of first prototype, whether it’s finished or not. We must be strict about that part, since sleep is not something we will have the luxury to mess with.


Goal of the day :

At the end of the day, we must at least have a playable version of the game, with some art assets/sounds ready to be tested. The focus should be aimed at getting the gameplay and the experience to feel right by pushing the fun factor and the theme to its max.

Schedule proposal for the day:
1:00 à 7:00 : Sleep time – We need that sleep to regain our energy for the day to come.
7:00 à 8:00 : Breakfast (Eggz ?)
8:00 à 12:00 :  Prototyping of version 2 : Continuing on refining the core gameplay experience. On the side, we create some graphics ready to be implemented at the end of the day and we search and try for potential musics and sounds.
12:00 à 13:00 : Lunch time.
13:00 à 17:00 : Prototyping of version 3. We implement the first graphics, sounds and music. We also make sure that the core experience is defined and can be played, even if the result is still representative of shapes (cubes, placeholders, etc).
17:00 à 18:30 : Supper
18:30 à 00:00 : Prototyping of version 4. The goal is to make sure that the game is playable at that point and that it reflects really what the experience is about. This need to be set in stone at that point and make sure everything is alright before going ahead with the final day and the final art/sounds assets. We decide also at that point if the game needs levels and if so, trying to implement a few ideas that can expand upon the base design.


Goal of the day:

Final touches on the gameplay, adding some levels if possible and implementing the final graphics/sounds assets into the system. The end of the day should focus on playtesting, balancing and bug fixing.

Schedule proposal for the day:
00:00 à 7:00 : Sleep time – Big energy was given on Saturday, it’s time to get charged up for the final day.
7:00 à 8:00 : Breakfast
8:00 à 12:00 : Version 5 implementation. Final assets are done and ready to be implemented.
12:00 à 13:00 : Lunch time!
13:00 à 16:00 : Version 6. If time is on our side, creation of some more levels. If it’s not the case, the focus should be on visual effects, juiciness and other visual improvements the game could gain from.
16:00 à 17:00 : Fast Supper
17:00 à 21:00 : Finished or not, the last version should focus on playtesting the final product, balancing and bugs fixes.
21:00 : The game is done and posted on the LD entry webpage. We drink a cup of tea and cheer up by playing other LD games.


Until we knew that the jam was 72h, we still continued to stick to the plan because most of us would have worked the next morning, so we still took into account that we had to make a game in 48h.

Now that the jam is over, we can say that we sticked to at least 80% of this schedule and in the end we still needed to fix bugs, add stuffs and last minutes touch up and balancing in the last 8 hours, but the most important was that we had a fully playable game at the end of Sunday night and we’re proud to have followed to the most part our schedule, because without it, we don’t know if we would have make it in time, really 😀

In Part 2, we’ll explain in details what happened during the weekend and we have tons of footages, pictures and videos to show you in that regards, so stay tuned !

The Eggz Team

The Eggz Team is in !

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Thursday, December 4th, 2014 6:49 am

Hello fella,

This LD will be our first one, so we’ll stick to something very simple. We’ll be a team of 3 and we’ll be using Unity 2D for our game. For graphics and animation, we’ll use either Photoshop or Flash, but we will maybe opt for Pixel Art assets ( or as a possible visual style. We might use 3rd party materials, but some assets would be also created from scratch.

Can’t wait to see what the theme will be about !

Good luck to all other contestants, we’re thrilled to try your games !

-The Eggz Team

Carl Beaumier

Anne-Li Porlier

Philippe Bouchard

EGGZ builds and timelapse!

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Sunday, July 28th, 2013 1:37 pm

EGGZ is a real-time strategy game with eggz in it – click on the EGGZ for a sweet 48-hour timelapse EGGlapse 😀


Click here for 48 hours of EGGy goodness :D

As mentioned in my last post Eggz was essentially finished in 48 hours, though they’ve been a couple of bug-fixes and enhancements since then. I’ve also been very lazy about building a version for distribution, but I’ve finally gotten around to it:

Lightweight .love file for Linux, Mac and Windows user with LÖVE installed

Cross-platform .love file

Windows executable

Windows .exe and .dll files

Unfortunately the game has no AI, so if you don’t have a friend to play with you’re not going to get much out of the game :(

I’ve drawn up a quick state-machine that should play the game adequately but it’s not going to be in the 7dRTS version I’m afraid. Check the game page for any post compo improvements :)


Looking forward to playing your games guys, I really love RTSs – let’s revive this genre 😀


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Saturday, July 27th, 2013 10:14 am

Good new everyone 😀

EGGZ is a real-time strategy game with eggz in it…


I was really happy to hear that there’s a 7 Day RTS, because I really love RTS game – it’s a pity more indies don’t make them!

Anyhow, we held this friendly multiplayer oriented game jam called the “Funky Future” last weekend, so I decided to make a single-screen competitive RTS controlled with the keyboard (or a gamepad) and with no elimination. The game was basically finished last weekend, but I’ve been tweaking it and doing bugfixes since then.


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