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The Last of Egg

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Thursday, December 17th, 2015 8:37 pm

PLAY The Last of Egg


The Last of Egg is a survival horror game. You play as the last remaining egg struggling to survive. Collect weapons, find crafting supplies, and avoid being attacked by the mutants of the land, known as “Sizzles”. Will you ever get home? Will you ever see Claire again? It’s what’s inside that counts my friend… so are you soft? Or are you Hard-Boiled.



Thank you to everyone that has played/voted. The comments have been great so far! You have plenty of time to watch Force Awakens….so scramble on over HERE before you head to the theater. Thanks!



Egg’s Survive

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:55 pm



Development Team


Trigueiro Neto (Programmer)


Ewerton Roberto (Game Designer)


Weslley Sousa (Artist and Animator)


Fabrício Costa (Sound Designer and Musical Composer)


We decided to participate to create something cool and funny that involved all the team. We started with a chicken launching egg and the idea evolved to a crazy ambient with a cook that uses the  chicken as a weapon in a cathouse full of zombie girls. Then first, we did  the art of the scenary and the draws of the zombies girls and of the cook. Second, the cook and zombies were animated. After we programmed using the art created and  finally we put the sounds.




  • Story:

The history is simple. Mr. Banana is a cook that works in a cathouse doing the tits and pussies cakes. A night, the girls of the cathouse become zombies and alone in the middle of night, he uses the chicken that it was the dinner as weapon against the zombie girls to survive.

  • Aesthetycs:

Cartoon 2D was chosen to represents the comic style of the game in top down view. To draw the art was utilized the Photoshop in the creation of the cook, zombies and objects and in the paint of the scenary. The Illustrator was also utilized to make the layout of the menu and a part of the kitchen.

  •  Mechanics:

The game is a 4-direccion survival game whose the goal is kill the  zombies using the chicken to shoot eggs . For each zombie girl dead the score increases. The cook moves in directional arrows and shoot in Space bar. He has three lifes and lost them every time that the zombies hit him. The problem in beginning  was that there was a point in screen that it permited to kill the zombies without moving and die. That was fixed and  the zombies became very fast and killed the cook easilly.

  • Technology:

We used Constuct 2 because is a tool very fast and easy to develop the game and has everything necessary to creation of the mechanics. This technology is familiar to members and was utilized in other jams. It permits find bugs fast and correct them without much difficult.  In the production of sound was used Sound Forge , Reaper and Fl Studio.










What we’ ve learned: 

We learned that a good team work is essential to have a good idea and after get to develop it in a game.

  • Good: Did a game! And we develop a good relationship among team that can be used in the future to produce more games and participate of more jams.
  • Bad:



Progress! (-ish)

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 3:26 am

Spent most of the day pondering the theme, procrastinating, and playing TF2. Finally opened up flex builder and drew a sprite, I guess this is progress.

Game is basically humpty dumpty walking along his wall, having partaken of a beverage or two. The wall advances in front of him, and there’s plenty of doom on it for him to avoid.

eggy breakfast

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 8:23 am

Well, at least breakfast doesn’t need working collision code to be yummy. I’m thankful for the small things ya know? 😉

HybridMind’s Sunday Breakfast for LD11

I ate this while detailing out new collision code algorithms for MinMo on a notepad. Then, I went for a brief bike ride around the neighborhood while thinking about them. Time to implement!


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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 7:09 am

So, another night spent trying to sleep, another extended morning spent sleeping.. Oh well, I worked out pretty much everything I need to do to make this into a (hopefully fun) game, I think. Woke up today feeling pretty bad though, but I hope that’ll pass once I eat some food:


I’ll go eat this now while humming the “I love egg” song.

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