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StromnetZ – Post Mortem

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Sunday, May 4th, 2014 9:00 am

Our game, StromnetZ, is a pipe-esque game with bombs, vaults and other fine things. The idea for a pipe game dawned on us almost instantly and we worked on the game for the whole 72 hours (minus the time spent sleeping and eating).

Without boring you anymore: the good, the bad and the ugly… Actually no ugly.
The good:
+ We focused on the essential stuff first -> we managed to do everything we wanted
+ We managed to include some extra features, like the leaderboard!
+ Semi balanced scoring system
+ Nice difficulty curve
+ Already had some stuff ready from LD28 so we didn’t waste time learning new technologies (highscores was new and required some effort though) or creating the basics of the game.
+ Explosion animation is brilliant

The bad:
– No dinosaur skeletons in the background images
– The cross pipe and the over-under pipe are hard to differentiate
– Still no musician (music is royalty free from
– UI is like that of a real power plant: bland and dull
– Not enough juice!


Click HERE or HERE or even HERE to play StromnetZ.

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