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Almost done, time for features, sounds and more

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 12:15 pm

Here is it, we’ve done all mains feature and finished the dynamic lights rendering engine (with an existing experimental library).

Right now this is a preview of the game:
For those who are curious, we use PIXI.js with the experimental lights library which was hard to include in my engine (it is the dream engine with pixi inside + lights now).

Also planning to push all the source on github then all of you will be able to check it out !

We won’t be able to create dynamic shadows because it’s take long time to make this work, and we have sounds and music to put in + more features (yes we are issuing GD fails, so we are looking for more interesting way to play, objectives, and adding fun).

Anyway code is ready, level-design almost, and arts almost, time to use nitro.

Good luck to all jamers.

First ludum dare and exhausted

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Monday, April 20th, 2015 8:12 pm

We are done!


We are two game enthusiasts (Gege and Ekki) and have finally submitted our first jam game! It was fun and quite exhausting.

I played with lighting and physics on 2D objects for the first time and it turned out pretty nicely. Some bugs still have to be fixed but all in all we are very happy and will continue working on it.

Please visit us on :

I hope you enjoy playing it.

Day One Progress

Posted by (twitter: @Winterblood_Dev)
Saturday, December 15th, 2012 9:38 pm

Drew a bit of a blank on the theme, so decided to write a fairly traditional stealth-’em-up. This time I have mostly resisted the urge to make it pretty, and have got the core mechanics working instead!

You can turn the torches on and off, collect loot, and I have a sinister capsule patrolling a series of waypoints, coming after you if he spots you, and returning to patrol if he loses you again. Title and pause screen are working.

Day 1 progress

Day 1 progress

Day 2 is all about making gameplay from those core mechanics, and tarting it up – although one important thing I haven’t yet done is factor shadows into the visiblity code. But I know how that will work, just haven’t done it yet. Just done a last-minute stress test to see how many dynamic lights I can get away with, and the answer is “not many”. I may burn a lot of tomorrow optimising…

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