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Growth – rpg

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 10:39 am

I had no internet for half a day :S
It doesn’t matter, because this is too ambitious to do anything with. But I won’t give up! Here’s my unnamed dungeon crawler:


I DID IT! IT’S DONE! Tale of a Mad Mage

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 4:33 pm


It did it! It’s done!!!!

Preview Entrty:

Sneak peak at boss fight:

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Dungeon Blaster updated for Taco Tuesday!!

Posted by (twitter: @BrainSlugs83)
Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 2:00 am

So, still working on my game*, and I just added a way to heal yourself (besides dying), can you guess what it is?

Dungeon Blaster updated for Taco Tuesday!!

Dungeon Blaster updated for Taco Tuesday!!

(*: not modifying the Jam version or any funny business, just having fun with it, might upload it in a week or two with the caveat that it’s not the official #LD30 version…)

Dungeon generation, mechanics postmortem

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Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 8:56 am


I made a game called Dungeon wish. It’s a 1-minute roguelike. I described it in detail in my notebook. Do not do that when you design for fun! Your intuition is enough. Just start with a basic idea, test it and continue designing from there.

Dungeon generation

I wrote it on the first day. It was unnecessarily complex:


  1. One level – 3×3 grid with blocks (4×4, 16 tiles).
  2. Algorithm for connecting 3 blocks
  3. Algorithm for connecting doors with adjacent blocks. Doors can have 2 orientations: vertical, horizontal.

Instead of this system I should have tested block destruction mechanic as early as possible.

Convoluted energy mechanic

Nobody understood my energy mechanic. I failed to communicate this mechanic clearly through gameplay. But it’s the core mechanic of DungeonWish. When you understand it the game becomes interesting. Only then you can appreciate wish system I implemented.
Basically, energy is the only resource in the game which is restored with fountains. When you loose all the energy, you die.

Magic mechanic

GIF with dungeon magic

GIF with dungeon magic

Initially green platform was supposed to open doors and trap player. It proved to be too hard to implement with randomly generated levels. So I made green blocks perform some dungeon rebuilding magic. I figured this out through playtesting!

Roguelike with only two items

Hammer and rope. You can use rope to climb down a pit. I planned to use hammer for throwing but never got to that.


Notch is designing for fun. It means he has a playable prototype at initial stages of the game. I only had playable buggy version in the middle of the second day. And after I got it playing I understood that some of my design decisions were improper for the game feel.

Overall LD28(LD48?) was great! It helped me advance my design thinking.

Progress shot of “Deepstone”

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Saturday, September 21st, 2013 9:22 pm

Ok so I think that once again I started writting something over-ambitious, but anyway here’s my progress shot after the first day of coding on my MS-DOS first person dungeon crawler game (not gonna happen): Deepstone…. (details after the pic).


Deepstone under development

I’m running this on my old Pentium 200mmx MS-DOS machine, as seen in the pic. It still sucks a lot, but I’ve got crappy affine texture mapped polygons, 256 color palette managment which automatically manages the gouraud shading color ramps on textured polygons, 3D polygon clipping,  and first person shooter-like camera control with free mouselook.

It’s not all from scratch; some of the code I’ve ripped out of a simpler DOS 3D hack I wrote about a year ago. For the most part what I did today was port the code from 16bit BorlandC to 32bit WatcomC, rewrite the rasterizer, write a 3D polygon clipper, and fix horrible bugs all over the place. The 3D scene in this shot was ineptly created in blender.

The idea, which doesn’t look like is going to happen, is to have the player walk around a small pre-modelled dungeon, and collect treasure, while ideally fighting a couple of “monsters”. Realistically, it’s very unlikely that I’ll find time to add monsters, so it might become just a dungeon “exploration” “game” (note the amount of quotation marks :)

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