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The rats are running away from evil scientists!

Posted by (twitter: @sirGustav)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:19 am

Finally I got a running rat that doesn’t look like shit:

Jumping scientist and running rat

Lunch: Crisp bread with ham+cucumber+cress and caviar/creamed smoked roe+cheese

Even moar rose hip soup!

now Glaucon has some artifacts to search

Posted by
Sunday, August 30th, 2009 6:56 am

yeah baby we have artifacts !! =)


Glaucon lost in the cave will have to search for some artifacts so he can open the door, and look for some enlighment at the next cave…

Sketch Contest Thing

Posted by
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 2:16 pm

PoV told me to make shapes and make things out of them, so I did.  I also added notations of what shape made each sketch.  Pardon the complete absence of quality, this is a photo of my sketchpad.

Ham Scribbles


Posted by (twitter: @philhassey)
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 5:02 pm

Hey – here’s my final entry for LD10. THE CAVES OF INSANITY!! I had a fun time making this game, the highlight being colorinig all those fun backgrounds. Be sure to check ‘em out :) Enjoy the game, it’s pretty short-n-sweet. Download it HERE (win32). Or svn:// or HERE (tgz source).

Here’s my wife, our hero, in this game:


And here’s a shot from the final level of the game .. it’s a tricker, but this time I did test all the levels and they can all be beaten :) Good luck!


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