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I’m in

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 8:10 am

This is my second ludum dare ^^
OK I guess I’ll use again my directx basic framwork which I can share [it’s pretty basic]:–o/LudumDare


All code I’ll use will be here:–o/LudumDare

For sound:

I’m gonna record with my new keyboard P: and maybe some guitar!


For art:

Gonna use the gfxTablet application for my tablet in case I’d have to draw some art

Or gonna do some pixel art.


I think it’s gonna be fun [My first ludum dare was the #27, it’s good to be back]!

Happy Ludum Dare 30!

Kerinova Studios LD27 Report- Hour: 4

Friday, August 23rd, 2013 11:26 pm

The second bi-hourly post has come, and I am really late for it. One hour and 20 minutes late in fact. Oh well. Better late than never, as they always say.


I am starting to get really tired. Ludum Dare started at a fairly bad time for me. It started at 6:00 PM, so by the time Ludum Dare began, I was already wake for like 12 hours. Nevertheless, I continued on for as long as possible. So, what have I gotten done since the last post?


If you remember, during the last post, I had nothing playable. Just some engine level stuff. In the 3:30 hours since then, I have finished most of the core features. I finished about 25% of the assets, and got more done on ideas.


I now have a working menu :) Which is sort of playable I guess. So goal number 2 finished, Goal number 1 sort of failed.

I don’t really like this menu background. I will probably change it later.

I don’t however, like the menu. I think it is rather ugly, and will need a revamp later on.



The game itself isn’t playable. I still need to finish the tile, player, and enemy assets. Tomorrow will be a lot of asset work, then debugging all the things I couldn’t test, because I didn’t have assets.

You might say a solution to the debug problem, is to use placeholders. However I hate placeholders. I would rather spend the art time doing something that may end up in the final submission.


Nevertheless, I am making decent progress so far. 42 hours and a half to go.



Before the next post, my goals are:

  1. Get sleep.
  2. Work on the game in my dreams.

You can follow my live stream at, and my live tweets at

You can follow my Ludum Dare blogs at

Ecce ego particeps…

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Friday, August 19th, 2011 11:48 am

…since “I’m in” seems too normal… Smile

This is my 8th or 9th LD, and still is as exciting as ever! Smile

Anyway, I’m using the same framework as last time, done by me, just added a 3d tilemap system (doesn’t have any type of querying yet, just rendering at the moment, I’ll add the rest during the competition, according to needs).

You can download the framework here, if you want to use it (it has two sample applications that show most if not all the features):

  • D3D9 initialization and some helpers
  • FMOD interface for sound
  • 2d Sprites (with sprite caching, etc)
  • 2d Particle System
  • Text
  • 3ds file loading (only tested with 3ds generated by 3d Studio Max). Loads lights, meshes and cameras.
  • Small simple math library (vectors and quaternions)
  • Simple 3d camera handling system (just with a “look at” operation)
  • XML loading/saving (might come in handy for configuration files, load/saves, etc. The XML loader was created by Frank Berghen, not me… the writer is all me, although the loader also has save functions, but I’m too lazy to figure out how they work)
  • 3d particle system (based on the 2d one, so very rudimentary)
  • 3d sprite system (quads that always face the camera)
  • LUA library support (it’s actually ripped from my engine, so it’s a good support system for LUA)… Last time I used cutscenes and scripting, and loads of the game code was much simpler because of that…
  • DDS image loading for an offscreen buffer (just supports R8G8B8A8 images). Might be useful for some level design stuff, although I’ll probably go back to my old days of text files
  • 3d Tilemap (Kind of a blocky heightmap with an automatic texture atlas generation and partition of the map in chunks for possible culling (not implemented))
  • On the tools side:

    • Visual Studio 2005 (hope I can get used to it again, been using 2010 at work)
    • Photoshop CS5 (for 2d graphics and textures if I decide to adventure into 3d, and for map creation, etc)
    • 3d Studio Max (for modelling if I go 3d, or for title screens and such otherwise)
    • sfxr (or Bfxr) (for audio effects)
    • Wolfram Tones (for the music creation – fun tool, saves loads of time) and MIDI Converter Free (to convert the MIDI generated by Wolfram Tones to OGG)
    • Live Writer for blogging

    About the themes, I have a gut feeling that “Dreams” is going to win, although I don’t have any ideas for that… or any of the others, to be honest, since the times in the past when I tried to think of an idea for all the themes it didn’t work that well… Smile

    Anyway, very excited about this all!

    Good luck everyone!

Paramecium Final

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 6:36 pm

Paramecium is a monocellular love story, in which the protagonist (you) must collect food vacuoles in order to replicate. You play on a team versus an a.i. opponent, and the first to collect enough vacuoles to replicate 25 times wins the round. Some of the game’s parameters are randomized at the start of each round, so it’s quite replayable.

Features artsy graphics, intuitive mouse control, and a looping ambient soundtrack.





Download Paramecium Game and Source

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