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5 Days with Tiffany

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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 1:05 pm

Hello guys!! 5 Days with Tiffany it’s our game. we worked during 30 hours the days 18, 19, and 20.  we wanted make a game for kids and the result is here.

17.- The day of the beginning of the Ludum Dare we met Boris, who comes from Ukraine and is part of the programming team. Besides, we also met Adrian, a very nice local programmer. The rest of the team already knew each other from other previous works: Estanislao, leading the programming team. Bernardo, Javier and Alby, in charge of the illustrations. Last but not least, Israel, who works with the rest of the team on the creative development and also manages the activity and the execution time of the activities.


18.- We started working at 10:00. During the first 2 hours we discuss the genre, type, main idea of the game and the mission. In the course of this time we came up with ideas like Geometric Mission, a game where geometric figures attack and defend an objective. Another one was Invasion on the Beach, which is a project where a hero goes over Gran Canaria beaches sprinkling sunscreen lotion. Finally we decided to develop 5 Days with Tiffany.  At 12:00 the team got to work on the creation of the project with Estanislao leading the programming.


19.- Today we started coloring many of the illustrations we had already worked with. We have developed the story of Tiffany and Alejandro, a musician, composed the BSO of the game. There have been some issues with the game logics and this held us up some hours, but we were able to solve it thanks to the hard work of the programmer. We also started to record via streaming. By the end of the afternoon the game will be probably finished.

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