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Day 1 progress

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 6:22 pm

This is what I got today:

There is still a lot of job to do yet =.=

Hotel gets its first guests!

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 3:20 pm

Here is day 1 report! It’s been a long day and in last 4 hours I could have done more. I lost focus quite ofter

I actually added some day-night cycle, but it does not affect what you see. Also added a working analog clock on bottom bar. Aaand finally, I started to work on monster AI! If you hover over monster, you can see what it is saying or thinking. Messy text is because of video resizing. You can see 3 different situations in gif below:

1. There is no reception. Monster will turn away, say “How can this hotel be without lobby?” and walk away.
2. Monster will come to reception. There is no room left so it will say a quote. Walk away is planned for tomorow.
3. As you can see, I have built a guest rooms. Monster will come to reception, get a room and give you money.


A Hard Day’s Turmeric Work

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 5:16 pm

Its been a merciless day of crashes and misunderstandings. The theme also toppled our planning we had started the day before.

We split the work so we had two persons in the prop / photo / clean up in GIMP department.

The physicist took upon himself to serve coffee and tea during the first hours of the day. Then he dug into the department of music and sound effects.

One responsible for putting together and animating the main character:

The main character.

The main character.

I’ve been struggling with getting acceptable mechanics for the character controller, the camera and many other things. There’s a long long way to go tomorrow, but to encourage ourselves we switched from colored blocks to the graphics we’ve been working on:

The Character on the crackers platform with the parallax volcanic backgrounds.

The Character on the crackers platform with the parallax volcanic backgrounds.

The Architect came for a few hours, pointed at our weaknesses and said they could only be fixed if we added a frog. We will have one, we promise. The game will be perfect!

Title screen!

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Friday, December 13th, 2013 10:11 pm

All right, I have my engine, Remote2D, up and running and I have a very basic main menu of You only get (the xbox) one (for christmas):

Main menu

End of Day 1

Posted by (twitter: @MarcCook_)
Saturday, August 24th, 2013 2:43 pm

So after loads of errors with Maratis 3D including crashing every other build and textures not working on a build i decided to switch to Unity and take it more casually than I was intending. The idea is still the same; explorable environment with a story told in 10 second snippets in an abandoned lab. Im also trying to take a clean art direction with 64×64 textures to give it a crisp look.
Heres hoping day 2 goes better than today.

Small room in need of texturing.

Small room in need of texturing.

I think I made today a lot more painful than it needed to be.

        -I made the first ranged weapon along with the bullet it fires
gun_1 - Copy
                                           bullet - Copy
        -I half finished the first map’s theme
        -I did a lot of attempted and failed animation stuff in CS6

(Sorry for it being a day late.)

Lets pretend this is opposite land, screw the introductions and jump straight in!

So, we are making an RTS inspired by the Worms games of old. That should give you a vague idea of where we are going with this, and the best part is that statement holds more depth than you might expect.

Time to hammer this concept home!

  • Side-view Camera: Yup! This RTS will be using a side view camera, it was inspired by Worms after all.
  • Guns!: Yes, we will have those. Code are focusing on the Rocket Launcher first, so if it works then drinks all around! (Then get back to work!)
  • Real Time Combat: ‘But.. but Worms is a Turn Based Game!’ Yes I know! The challenge is to make a Real Time Strategy though, so that’s what it’s going to be!
    Players can select a Troop to aim their shot individually, or select a bunch and have them mimic each-others aim. Once a Troop fires a shot, they will have a reload time (varies depending on weapon), once the reload completes they will fire again. So, the player will have to micro manage their Troops position, where they are aiming, and the power of their shot. So it’s going to be a Super Hectic Real Time Combat Worms Styley Strategy Game. A SHRTCWSSG if you will.
  •  Multiplayer: Hopefully by the end of the week it will be networked, so you and a friend can battle it out over the interwebs!
  • Art Style: Big Guns! Big Troops! Big Explosions! Unfiltered, Uncensored 80’s Action Movie inspired goodness!

Day 1 Progress

We have a basic game-play prototype with moving, aiming, firing, and path-finding. The image below the selection and moving of blocks around a thing! SHIP IT!


Art has made great progress, you can see the current state of a level below. Day 2 will be spent populating this with loads of little details to make it feel more like a ruined city that still semi-functions.


So that’s the Day 1 post!  Things are going well, so tune in next time to see everything go horribly wrong.

Today was more difficult than me and Sebastian have anticipated. He spent a long time today having trouble with drawing characters. I have also had troubles based on programming porting and the options menu. We managed to get some things done however in the 7 or so hours we worked today (all on stream on and His log will be coming sometime tomorrow.

Anyway, what I have managed to accomplish today.


  • Set up parallax scrolling for the Y axis of the camera //This was the last thing I accomplished today, and also the easiest. I merely needed to add a few lines of code to the existing Strider Run codebase for the camera.
  • I updated the start and options menus.
  • I worked on ranged weapon implementation. It currently has a few problems with the gamepad control not working, and the controls for the mouse are inverted.
  • I added the ability to resize the window. //I just need to add an option for Full Screen.


Anyway, that is all we have accomplished on Day 1. Do tune into my Twitch channel if you want to see the development process. I will be streaming most of the day on

I will add media once the game is actually more like an RTS. In the mean time, if you really want to see the game, I did live stream it.

If you want to follow this developer blog easier, then go to I will be posting these blogs there, in addition to here.

The Well (Day 1 devlog)

Posted by (twitter: @locknic)
Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 12:05 pm

I’ve decided to try to make my first video game this week, and I’ve given myself the restriction of five days to complete this project. The usual thing to do is to have 48 hours like the Ludum Dare, but since this is my first game I don’t want to rush or lose any sleep over it. The goal is to make a short 2d platformer about a boy who falls into a well, and has to try to find his way out. The reasoning behind the well is so that the game takes place in a cave setting, meaning less art will be needed. Due to my lack of creativity, the game is named “The Well”. The engine will be done in from scratch in Java, as that’s what I have the most experience with. I tried to learn to use some libraries like Slick2d, but it took too much time, so I’ve decided to just stick to what I know.

The Well - Demo Level
First day progress

Today, I’ve managed to get some of the foundation code set up. So far, the game loads a map and tilesheet (text files) and places a character for the player. So far, the player can move around, and collide with the walls of the level while the camera follows him around. I’ve decided to have three layers, a background layer, a collision layer, and a foreground layer. The reason there are three separate layers is to make the map editing more flexible, as there doesn’t need to be code for each type of tile possible. Another benefit of having separate layers is that each tile doesn’t have to be completely square. The collision layer and the foreground layer can have transparency without leaving holes in the level.

Demo level screenshot
Testing level

So far in terms of art, I am just using placeholder black and white tiles to show the background and the walls, but these will be replaced with proper tiles once I am done with them. I’ve also drawn a main character, but it is still a rough draft. For this project, the coding will probably be done first, with the art, music and level design done after all the main mechanics are in place.

The biggest challenge today was trying to structure my code. I spent so much time worrying about how object oriented the code is, and trying to make the engine really flexible. I realise now that it was premature optimisation that really isn’t needed for such a small project, so from now I am going to try to code quicker and just get as much content as I can done. Tomorrow I want to try to get done the coding for animations, some tight movement for the character, and a menu and options interface.

I’ll be making a blog post and video each day showing my progress and explaining a bit of my thought process behind my decisions. Overall, I think this project will be really helpful in terms of learning as I’ll have to use so many skills in such a condensed time frame. I am mainly a programmer, so naturally the coding is the most important part of the project to me, however making the entire game myself will force me to broaden my creativity. I’ll have to do all the drawing and music myself, and since I have very little experience in this I could really learn a lot from it. Another thing is that I am a terrible writer, I have always been terrible at English, so forcing myself to make these blog posts will hopefully help me work on that.

Check out my website for updates:

Day 01

Posted by (twitter: @Haite)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 10:02 pm

Update #1 and it’s “Temporal Hysteria!”

Posted by (twitter: @mitchellvette)
Friday, April 20th, 2012 9:01 pm

Here is the working title screen for my game! Of course, I won’t reveal too much of the plot as I go, but I started with something basic as I don’t have very much time to work tonight.



Can’t wait to see what everyone has in the morning!


20 hours in – progress report

Posted by (twitter: @zapakitul)
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 4:41 pm

Previous post here.

Ok, 20 hours have passed like a breeze. I’ve kept myself busy, coding and doing my best to create 3D models that can be identified with ease! Got most of the Core Mechanics working quite well. I now need to polish them and focus on Level Design and media (textures, models, music). This is a full list of features that have been added today:

  • Collision
  • Player and Camera controls (1st person, 3rd person, top-down – although top-down is what I am going to use)
  • Bullet handling for the Enemies
  • Enemy AI. There are two types of enemies, Attackers and Defenders. The Attackers will engage the Player gun-first, while defenders will rush towards the TouchDown zone, in order to defend it.
  • Switching between levels.
  • HUD (Health Bar, Special Bar/Stamina Bar)

I’m happy with my progress today, managed to do most of the things that I had planed. Gonna take a quick nap (2-3h maximum) and then I’m back to adding the rest of the features, and polishing the game.

As a bonus, here’s my Timelapse video. Hope you guys like it.


First level

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Saturday, December 12th, 2009 4:32 pm

Haha, first level done. :) Well not really. This is just an image. I will draw this on the background, and add some nifty objects over it. But I guess this is it for day 1.

Still have a good felling about this one. I am gonna make it. 😀

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