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Let’s Play Ludum Dare 34 – Episode 03

Posted by (twitter: @lkfumagalli)
Saturday, December 26th, 2015 1:47 pm

This episode covers the following games: Xtreme Crop Duster Simulator ’82 by rjhelms (Rob J H), Homeworld by Bumblepie, Mecha Planeta by Zeriver, Magical Girl Cannon by dark_hunter, and Cube Wars by Chubb1337! Check it out!

I got my Blue Yeti mic and used it for all the content in this episode (except for the intro, which I need to make a new one of) and it sounds great! The only problem right now is I can’t eliminate my keyboard and mouse sounds from the recording, but I’ll figure that out eventually.

Anyway, I had fun recording these, especially Xtreme Crop Duster Simulator ’82! I was surprised how addicted I became with that one. I highly recommend trying it!

If you’d like your own game to be played on my channel, just let me know via this form and I’ll get to you as soon as possible. People who’ve commented on my game (which will be getting a post-jam update soon!), and people who posted first get priority. Follow me on Twitter to find out which games I’ll be covering next!

I’d recommend submitting soon if you haven’t already, as my schedule is going to be tight with the announcement of #towerjam. As I go down my list I’ll have to make shorter segments for each game (as much as I don’t want to). That aside, this has been a blast! It’s inspiring seeing everyone’s different takes on the themes and how they each tackled the Ludum Dare challenge. I’m even more determined than ever to hone my developer skills and make an outstanding game for #towerjam! Hope to see you all there!

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