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AVOIDAL – Difficulty Curve!

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 11:21 am

Fifth version of AVOIDAL

You can play the fifth build of AVOIDAL here.

If anyone has a minute or two I’d love any comments on the difficulty ramp over the levels.

New features this build includes:

  • All game parameters are tuned and tweaked every 5 mines collected to keep increasing the difficulty
  • All mines, seekers, and spikes have their own warp in transitions for cool visual effect and to let the player know safely where they are going to appear and activate
  • Introduced a CHAIN counter for big points. As long as you don’t take damage or let any mines expire and explode on their own you increase your chain counter for every mine you destroy with an enemy

Time to get cracking on sound effects and music at this point and then keep playing and tuning the hell out of it to make sure it is as fun as possible.

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