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Falling Cupcakes

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Saturday, December 17th, 2011 12:23 pm

Like the title says, we now have a falling cupcake! Our main character is a cupcake, and I have been working on the “code” for his behavior this morning. While testing his walking and falling in Stencyl, I found this happening (Click the picture!):


As hilarious as this is, I’m fixing it now. So far I have the basic code set up for the main character to allow for walking and jumping, and the camera is set to follow him. Now I’m going through and testing everything, and will be fixing anything that doesn’t work right. In the meantime, Alissa has been on an art roll! She’s finished all of the art for the main character, who has a different look for each level. Next, we’re going to be talking about the level design for our first level, and knock that out of the way. We’ve also got a pretty nifty little design doc, so we’re feeling pretty good about what we’ve got thus far. Still, it’s only day two and there’s so much more to do!

Well, back to fixing that falling bug!

– Pralie (@praliedutzel) & Alissa (@EtherealFox)


Working Together Alone

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Friday, December 16th, 2011 9:17 pm

Hey everyone! My roommate, Alissa, and I are participating in the jam together. Alissa’s an artist, and I’m a designer. We’re looking at using either Stencyl or Game Maker – whichever one we find works best for what we want to do.

At first when we heard the theme, we weren’t quite sure what to do with it. After voting earlier, there were a couple of other themes that we were really excited for, but we couldn’t think of much for alone… But then we took a drive to pick up some snacks and energy drinks! On the way, we passed by a bakery, which gave us the idea to make a game about a lonely little cupcake. We got back, started writing down ideas, drawing some concepts, and now we’ve got a pretty good direction.

I’m starting work on level design, while Alissa is continuing work on her cupcake art. Oh, and we’re thinking about ways to incorporate a kitten easter egg, as well…

Good luck everybody!

– Pralie (@praliedutzel) & Alissa

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