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Bad Puppy: Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Sunday, December 16th, 2012 4:54 pm

Bad Puppy by Chris Sanyk for Ludum Dare 25: You are the villain

I think this one ended up coming together ok.  It’s not much of a game, but I was able to turn it into something at least playable in the last couple hours.

This was originally going to be called Puppy Hitler, but I ended up changing course, and spent most of Saturday in a reflective headspace, thinking about the decision, and as a result I was not very creative or productive on Saturday.

What worked:

  1. Humor: I think I had decent humor in this game.  The title screen and endgame are good.
  2. Animation:really like the animation for the petting and wagging dog.  I like the color effect I pulled off on the score.
  3. Sounds: I used Audacity and a bit crusher filter to do voice samples that hopefully sound like 8-bit voice chip synthesis.  This was used for the bark and the “Baaad Puppyyyyyyy!” and the panting and the “Good boy!” sounds.  I think the only sound I created with bfxr was for the Start screen when you press Enter to start the game.

What didn’t:

  1. Humor: I thought my original “Puppy Hitler” concept was funny, and I still kindof do, but I can appreciate that it’s not the sort of humor that everyone would like, understand, or appreciate.
  2. Animation: The walk animation for the person character is passable, but I’m not happy with it.  I had a very hard time creating an even halfway decent walk animation, and worked on this a ridiculous number of hours that I don’t even want to think about on Saturday, and scrapped.
  3. Music: I was going to try to do some kind of music, but I had no idea what kind of music would create the right mood.  It feels like something is missing, just a little, without any music, but I think the other elements still work to create a silly mood.
  4. Gameplay:  It’s a pretty shallow game with not a lot of replayvalue.  Still, it was pretty fun to make it, and once I got past the point of having a test level, and actually implemented the (admittedly quite rudimentary) AI, it became fun pretty quickly.

Hosting woes

Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 8:35 am

Well, I am experiencing some problems with my web host.  I was going to  upload some base code that I intended to use in the compo, so I could announce it like I’m supposed to, only I can’t because my server seems to be down.  This is also where I post my game when it’s ready, so I really hope the issue isn’t a serious one and I’m back online before the compo deadline.

In a pinch, I may need to set up dropbox or something.

Gearing up for LD25

Posted by (twitter: @csanyk)
Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 9:07 am

I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d be doing LD25, but after I decided to organize the Cleveland Game Developers meetup for it, I’m looking forward to a weekend of no sleep and vigorous game development.

Hopefully the theme will be inspiring and I won’t have any major technical glitches.

My tools, once again, for this jam will be:

  1. Game Maker Studio
  2. bfxr
  4. MAYBE some other apps.  I’m tempted to try to compose something with famitracker, but I’m not confident enough to say that I’ll be doing that for sure. I also keep wanting to find a happy relationship with a purpose-built sprite editor, so I can do better animations and stuff, but I haven’t put enough time into the candidates that I’ve been learning about still.

I’m also not sure what I want my goals to be for this jam.  My previous games have featured microorganisms.  I’d like to try something different with this one.  I feel like I defaulted to microogranisms for LD24 because they’re easy to draw, and are simple enough animals that you can program them very simply. But I’d like to find ways of programming that makes other types of games possible for me to create in 48 hrs and that means figuring out ways to simplify other types of programming problems.

I’ve been reading a bit about how to implement platformer games in GameMaker, so perhaps I’ll attempt a platformer this time.  I won’t make any final decisions before the theme is announced, because I think it’s important to allow the theme as much freedom to drive the design of the game as possible, but I guess I’m hoping for a theme that inspires me to attempt a platformer this time out.

We’ll see, I guess.

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