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I’d never even opened Construct 2. before the start of this Ludum Dare, but it’s helped me make some really good progress, and I even had a normal night of sleep!


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Next up, I want to make the dragons come out of a portal (instead of just a rectangle that moves around) and I’m going to turn the end-goal into a legitimate tesseract instead of a 2D square.

The game is a standard tower-defense w/a mostly-fantasy theme…  but 10 seconds come into play a lot.  There is a progress bar under the Tesseract (the point you defend) and every 10 seconds it fills up and grants you more crystals (you’re seeing a fading popup notification of the crystals in this shot).  At the same time, there is a yellow progress-bar under the “10” which fills up at the same speed.  It isn’t in the screenshot since I took the screenshot right at the end of the interval – so that you could see the crystals!

I streamed for a little bit, early last night on Twitch:
But now, I’m doing most of my updates on twitter:

Crystal colony.

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 6:48 pm

I tried thinking out of the box and failed miserably.

The theme was growth, I thought of the idea of crystal growth and pretty much made an incomprehensible game with crystals in it. Hardly anyone figured out how to play the sodding thing. The final insult was that I ran out of time so you could build yourself an army but had no-one to fight.

The bright side was I was quite pleased with the overall look and User interface. It’s a basic RTS engine with minimap and group selection, resource collection etc.

Some of the development was stalled due to me not knowing how to debug. I wrote the game In Blitz max, having downloaded the demo version on the thursday before the compo. I didn’t figure out how the debugger worked (or even that it had one) until sunday.

Crystal colony screenshot

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