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Version 4 of Quiet Life released

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Thursday, December 18th, 2014 8:32 am

I updated my LD31 game to version 4. Focus of this update is on user friendliness, which really needed some help according to the feedback I’ve received.

Version 4 download link

Main change is to the controls. There’s now just one action button, which performs the displayed action, and a button to toggle between possible actions. The displayed action now also hints at what will happen if you perform the interaction, which is helpful when telling

‘craft this item’

from ‘kill the sheep in front of me’

Which will drastically cut down in the number of ‘oh shit I didn’t mean to do that’ interactions. It also highlights the tile on which the action is performed and as such hints at possible directional usages (the previous system of asking you which direction to use and forcing you to guess randomly is gone now).

Another much-needed feature is a simple highlight of your spawn location, which is now highlighted by a simple lighting effect.

Other changes include the addition of the Goad, which helps control sheep movement, and buffs to meat and grass seeds.

I hope that with this update the game’s difficulty will actually come from inability to juggle all necessary tasks rather than figuring out how the controls work.

Version 4 download link

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Warm up time.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013 12:43 pm

Warm up weekend is nearly here.

I’m warming up with something tiny that I can use to refine my “crafting” code library before the main event.

All themes could have crafting …..except, I suppose…”No Crafting”

…If anyone sees this in the slaughter..VOTE SLAUGHTER


Incidentally,  I’m also using this warmup to see if I can survive a weekend at my new standing desk.

I will post desk photo’s at some point so you can see my “ghetto standing desk of terrible construction quality +1″…not that , I suspect, you care.


edit: seriously, how is “som” not picked up by a spellchecker


Deconstructorium – Mollecule Crafting

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 1:43 pm

Hello everyone from Valencia, Spain!

I’ve been working for all the day and i’ve noticed I didn’t made any update at all. So, here I come.

This is my first Ludum Dare, and it started friday with an epic breainstorming full of beer and tequila. Saturday, began with a hell of a hangover but an interesting idea. José Cuervo told me: “Hey, how about a game in wich you are a mad scientinst that owns the ability of reducing himself to an almost atomic level, and travels trough common objetcs and extracts special molecules and then uses them to craft some great gadgets o obtain new powers.”

So that became “Deconstructorium”.

The main room

This is the main room, with the "visitable objects"

When you click on to an object, you travel inside of a metaphoric representaion of the atomic view of the item. We’ll find a basic platformer. If we complete de level we’ll obtain a new molecule of that item type.

Atomic view

"Atomic" view of an item

There are some levels that are plainly impossible to complete if you don’t get some special powers first. I.E. you cannot complete a single Oranges level if you did’nt crafted some coffe molleculles for gaining more speed. In order to get new powers, we should go to the Deconstructorium, room that names the whole game. Here will appear floating the molleculles we gained. Dragging a molleculle on to another, if they are compatible, will trigger a reaction and grant some new powers to the protagonist.


Inside of the Deconstructorium

This is a work in progress, I planned to add seven different types of molecules and the main objective will be to gather all seven in order to… destroy the world? 😛

The game is developed in HTML5 with ImpactJS. You can play a probably buggy version at , I upload frequently my progress so, expect any sudden changes from a visit to anoher. The left door doesn’t works and you would have to refresh the browser if you fall from it 😛

Thank you from reading and excuse me for my poor english. I’m enjoying a lot my first Ludum Dare 😀

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