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I’m pretty sure you always wanted to control an Anti-bomb Robot

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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 2:53 am

And if i’m right you should give a try to my compo “One room, One Bomb, One Minute”.

The concept is simple, you control a robot with the arrow keys, up is to accelerate, down to break, left and right to steer. The only other key you need is the Space Bar key that will help you destroy boxes while you’re in contact with them.

You got 4 levels, the fourth one is a special gift for the holidays season.

Come give me your feedback and your final score 😉


Connection is lost… Making some survival game.

Sunday, December 11th, 2016 3:46 am

Your goal is to survive in your own room.

You have bed, toilet, refrigerator and TV. So, you need to watch movie to not to be sad, eat near refrigerator, go to toilet for some reason and sleep in bed.

But, all that stuff is super innovative and electronic. They work only when you have connection to Internet and have all new updates. And because of that you can’t use bed while it’s not up-to-date. Sometimes you need to reboot router to restore Internet. If you haven’t Internet, you can’t sleep, eat, update and other stuff.

So be careful. Try not to lose your connection.



Our Pretty Little Protest Game

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 5:49 pm

Hey guys!

It´s been a while since a posted a project in here, my last experience with a ludum dare project wasn’t very good, but here I am again! Today I will present a game that is being done by me and two other folks (Thiago Kozusko e Christiane de Vielmond) from a simple and small indie group called: Ludohood Studios.

Well, first let me show you guys what is our motivation for this project -> look this to understand the context of our game!

We are doing a art protest game (if we can call it that way hahaha) which aims to take you in a short, but deep, travel through our country (I´m brazilian btw) history. It will be a three act game:

  • Act I – 1800: Slavery.
  • Act II – 1970: Dictatorship.
  • Act III – 2015: Schools closures.

Initially you could think that the third act is far less “powerfull” than the others and, in a way, this is true. But, what we are going to show through our game is that, regardless what happened in each of this cases, they all share a same sad thing: They hurted the human rights. For reaching this far in the text, I´ll let you guys see a sneak peak of the work of our artist:


Now, begin to prepare yourself for a awesome short history, where you gonna learn that things don´t always goes the way we want. Keep an eye on our nexts posts to know a little more about our project.

By the way, we are covering the theme “Two Buttons Control” and using Construct 2, for the game development.

See you guys again soon o/




Inokan – Boss Concept

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Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 8:35 pm


Today I could just creating this monster, and this let me very slee.. py… zz……z z… z .. z.z .z

Entry :3

Did you play Up There?

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 7:49 pm

If you don’t, you might like to give it a try.

Up There – A Monster’s Tale is a little arcade game where you play as a mosnter that use a trampolin to get his food. Only thing is, his food are in fact little persons living peacefully in their sky village.

This game is more cute that it deserve to be but I think you might like it.

I’m really looking for some feedback so if you find the time, go and give it a look. Don’t forget to say Hi in the comments.

Otrora Games Up Dare Ludum Dare Gamejolt Menu

Otrora Games Up Dare Ludum Dare promo

Otrora Games Up Dare Ludum Dare Credits


That was a fun ride as always. If you have the time, take at look a my entry. A cute monster eating little people. What could possible go wrong? …Oh yeah, they have traps!

Otrora Games Up Dare Ludum Dare Gamejolt Menu

Construct users and #madeinconstruct

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Sunday, May 10th, 2015 9:27 pm

Hello jammers and compoers alike! This is my third Ludum Dare, and considering I wasn’t able to spend much time on my game this time round, I thought I’d focus on judging and contributing more to the community. I figured the best way to do this was by highlighting games and developers that get my attention, specifically other games made using Construct 2, my engine of choice.

I don’t know if people have already been doing this, but id quite like to see champions of other engines picking out their favourites/lists of games made in a certain engine. I believe giving individual engines/methods more visibility and showing what they can do shows the rich amount of choice in game development software available, along with their strengths and weaknesses, and promotes cross-engine discussion. An idea I would love to see in future LD’s is to have a section of the submission box say what engine was used, to make searching easier.

With the above said, heres three of my favourite Construct games in LD32 :

Mechanically Enhanced Nano Unit



I’ve started using the #madeinconstruct hashtag on twitter to highlight some of my favourite games made in the Construct family, if any of you have any games you make or have played that you’d like to get some visibility, feel free to use it!


Hazardisc Post Mortem

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 1:16 am

Hazardisc is a single-screen action/fighting with single player and two player local competitive modes. You can play with the Keyboard or Xinput Gamepads, no need to toggle between the two the game will recognize which input you are using.


Check out Hazardisc on the Ludum Dare Page Here


Rotten Fruit of the death Post Mortem

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Monday, April 20th, 2015 7:31 pm

First time on LD, first game, and i’m glad i’ve already learned a lot on which game i wanted to create. I’ve also learn the hard way that improvising can break what you’ve done for hours. In the end it was somehow difficult to stay focus on what’s important and try not to lose myself in much complicated mechanics as i’m a newbie.

Final result for me? I had so much fun that now i have the “Indie Game Creation” virus and i love that. Let’s work, try things and see you on next LD and games.

If you want to play/rate Rotten Fruit of the death, it’s right here

Stoned Scarecrow

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 8:36 pm

After sweating until the last minute, my game just leaving without music :(
At least I managed to finish some enemies.
Submission Entry: Stoned Scarecrow


Running out of time

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 8:07 am

I’m now in a race against the clock to try to finish. Go go go!

It’s all for now

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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:01 pm

I have done not much yet, but I have already defined the objects that will have present in the game.

gillenew ld32

gillenew ld32

0000 : PRESS Z post-mortem

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 10:41 pm

Screenshot 2014-12-11 at 00.20.26 Screenshot 2014-12-11 at 00.20.52 Screenshot 2014-12-11 at 00.21.15

A bit of context

This was my fourth Ludum Dare and the first time (ever, even outside LD) that I made a game that I actually like. When I say “a game that I actually like”, I mean a game that I would like to play if someone else had made it. Sure, in the past I made some games that I love, but I always had to go around their flaws, disregard game-breaking bugs and just close my eyes on my own mistakes to really enjoy them. In other words, they were my ugly childs.

With 0000, I can finally say that I managed to make a game that I’m proud of, even though it’s far from being perfect or even that great of a game. I think it’s fun (which is the most important part), pretty engaging and people seem to like it, which is a plus. It’s a small first step into actually making decent games.

I pretty much failed during LD30. Here’s what I wrote just before it started  :


Pretty excited, once again. To me, Ludum Dare is a way to see and compare what I’ve learned and how much I’ve improved since the last time. I started pretty small, with a funny, but subpar game (Don One). Then, made another game, a lemming-like that was buggy as hell, but cute and people seemed to enjoy the art-style (Daisy’s dog is dead). I think I will stay true to myself : simple, primitive graphics + game mechanics that will allow me to grow and learn as a game developer. I have no other ambitions than having fun and learning, and Ludum Dare has been a great opportunity to do so the last two times I participated.


Hey, past self. This is still true. I mean, this Ludum Dare, I went in with the same mentality. Use my already acquired but limited skillset (in game design, art and sound) and try to make the best out of it. 0000 PRESS Z is what came out of that desire. And it was fun to make!


Brainstorming and writing ideas for levels on paper

The good

AKA what my last 3 LDs taught me

  • Level design has been a big challenge for me since I started game development over a year ago. With limited sprites and simple mechanics, I succeeded at combining them to create interesting gameplay and difficult, yet rewarding levels.
  • The game style seems to be a big hit with people. I also love it, even though it’s simple as can be. I went with I am capable of doing, and it seems to have worked out.
  • The game feels good. Adding particles here and there and a lot of feedback to the player’s actions really payed off.


The bad  

AKA What I didn’t learn yet

  • The movement seems to be a big issue for players. I thought it was on point, but it seems like it might need some more work (more on that later)
  • I didn’t manage to teach the player about the double jump mechanic early enough. Most people seem to discover it by mistake.
  • The sound, while fonctional, is not very expressive and could be improved a lot. Maybe a soundtrack, even, could make the action feel even more frantic. If I had any music skills, I would have added music.
  • The random teleportation, even though it’s the core mechanic to my game, seems to be confusing players. That leaves me with a game design question : Should I give all the answers right out, or let the player figure out the game as he loops through levels? Tough call.


What I learned

AKA things I think I understood but maybe not

  • Making the most with very little can be very rewarding and push your creativity.
  • Planning (just enough) is essential. It took me two hours of planning before I even started making the game. I figured out what game I wanted and went with it. It could have failed horribly, but I got lucky this time.
  • Juice matters. Details matter. If you’re making a game that feels fun to you, you’re doing something right.
  • The LD community is a GREAT resource for feedback. You have doubts about your game? I’m pretty sure someone on IRC will be down to talk it out with you.


What’s to come and conclusion

With all the positive feedback and encouragement I’ve been getting from the community, I’m considering making an improved version of the game.  Bug fixes, more levels, speedrun mode, highscores, new mechanics and all that good stuff  are amongst the things that are going through my head at the moment(Did anyone say level editor?). It’s still just an idea, but it’s very tempting to make some more evil levels to get the best out of you guys.

In the end, this was a very interesting ludum dare. I learned a lot and gained confidence in myself in the process. I still have so much to learn, but to me, making a game that I actually like is a big milestone.


Check out 0000 PRESS Z


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Monday, December 8th, 2014 4:13 pm





Turn the flood of lava in its runway , resist the heat of the cave and search feature in the floods of bubbles that spring from the depths .




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Sunday, December 7th, 2014 4:16 am



Ahhhh, done.

I’m tired. There are some problems that I’m too bleary eyed to fix, but it’s good enough.

Link to entry: here



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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 11:35 pm

The game has a name now: All Is Lost.

Also, end game has been implemented. Need to start doing sound now.


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