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Starcular: Post Mortem

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 11:41 am

Starcular start screen

When we (alvivi and me) decided to participate in the LD for the first time we knew the hardest part would be to have a good idea. We talked a little bit about the possible subjects and when it was the time to talk about connected worlds we didn’t have any idea. Then, the results came and we had to work on connected worlds.

The firs night (the LD started at 3:00 am here in Spain) we were very tired and didn’t know what to do. We decided to go to sleep and try to dream a cool idea. That didn’t happen. On saturday we talked about many crazy things. An intergalactic jail, a puzzle game, and even a worlds dating game (it was very strange, worlds with faces talking on a date).

We didn’t start with Starcular until saturday night. That gave us 48h to make a game. At the beginning we were not very confident about the idea, but then the levels came out, the graphics, animations, mechanics… At the end of the second day we were happy with the game we were doing. I think that’s the main goal.

First level (tutorial).

What Went Well:
-The game mechanics gave us more possibilities than what we thought at the beginning. That made the level design easier.
-The graphic style was simple enough to work fast and give a good impression.
-The music we found with CC Attribution (3.0) fit very well with the rhythm of the game. We were very lucky.

What Didn’t Go Well:
-We had to close the physics very fast to start making appropriate levels for them. Many people think the main character doesn’t move very well. They might be right.
-We would like to do an introduction video to tell the story, but we didn’t have time and we dismissed it.

In a few hours we will see the result and will try to learn from your opinions and improve to do better the next time.

Starcular LD web page:

Satellite: A Post Mortem

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Monday, September 15th, 2014 5:27 am

My games title screen
Out of all the themes this LD, the only one I had a solid idea for was “Lost In Space.” I had even made a detailed design document with all of the controls, mechanics, level design and goals outlined. So when I found out that the theme was “Connected Worlds” I had no ideas; all I could think about was my “Lost In Space” idea. So I repurposed my idea to work with “Connected Worlds.” Basically you play as a single astronaut in a ghetto spaceship that was sent on a mission to reconnect two planets by deploying a communications satellite. These planets used to be connected by a single satellite but it broke, disconnecting these planets from each other.

I made this game in Unity in around ~35 hours.

What Went Well:
-Physics! Unity’s physics is a key part in this game!
-The Satellite controls. Deploying the satellite and manoeuvring it is very lifelike and a lot of fun.
-The Spacescapes. They are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.
-The Satellite Model. I really like it!
What Didn’t Go Well:
-Physics. Sometimes the ship’s physics glitches and it starts spinning and flipping. This is really cool for the player inside the ship but it ruins the game.
-Textures. Why do spaceships have so many textures!
-The glass effect on the window. I needed something to make the windows look windowy. This did the job but I don’t like it very much.

Now, if you haven’t played Satellite yet you can play it here!

Satellite control

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