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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 3:02 am
Game screenshot

Progress so far

So, I’ve finished making platform physics, and also I was too tempted to implement Companion and Kittens in at the same time… so the player now has an evolving kitten as a companion throughout the game x3

Menus work nicely, and there’s a LOT of particle effects.

The first level will be a train which should explain some sort of basic outline of the situation. Upon completition, new areas will be unlocked causing the kitten to take new forms, e.g. in the glacier area it will transform into a yeti….

Scrolling text at the bottom is working brilliantly and the kitten will follow the player 8 steps behind.

If I have time I’ll stick in some online stuff, but for now, more levels and seperate sprites for each direction.

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