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    Comment statistics, leave no one behind!

    Posted by
    Monday, May 9th, 2011 7:04 am

    Since some of the entries get a LOT of comments i feel that we should put some of the not so famous entries into the spotlight. This is a list of all entries and the number of comments they have received. It was quite interesting  (and sad)  that so many (42) entries was almost ignored getting less than 2 comments and that 16 entries got no comments at all.

    So, let’s see to it that everyone gets some feedback by the end of the voting period =)

    0 LD20X6: Initialisms by whitelynx(2)
    0 Mary’s Awesome Adventure by brainiac256(8)
    0 Matt’s Trial Dungeon by matt9837(0)
    0 Only for voting by vladp(0)
    0 Quest for the enlightenment by medice(0)
    0 Right Thing. Right Time. by chinchang(2)
    0 Soul Keeper [ fixed link ] by floko(0)
    0 Space Adventures In Space by lord-tim(0)
    0 Square City [jam only] by oberhamsi(0)
    0 Super Fat Man by wweemmnn(0)
    0 The Creek by petermd(0)
    0 The Legend of Iowa by synthecism(0)
    0 Torches by condr(0)
    0 UpdateGames by samuellevy(0)
    0 Violent Security Essentials by slowxm(0)
    0 Zombieland by panbake(0)
    1 A Sword and His Hero by rtward(0)
    1 A Unnamed Whale Adventure by anthonyl(0)
    1 Brik by alexandersshen(0)
    1 DudeBlob by agnulf(0)
    1 Escape Alone by guns_are_toys(0)
    1 Fearless journalist version 0.9 by nguillemot(0)
    1 From the wreck of HMS Lightning… by arowx(0)
    1 G.R.A.N.T. Device by emptyflash(1)
    1 GunHack by samuraiforever(0)
    1 Hoot & Annie by uncade(0)
    1 Hot Potato by gbgames(0)
    1 House of Dangerous Kittens by spoon(7)
    1 Icarus’ Descent by 8bitmuse(0)
    1 Insert Rupy and take th… take something by tut-tuuut(3)
    1 It’s dangerous to “go” alone. by tehalynn(2)
    1 It’s Dangerous to Fall Alone by tfendall(0)
    1 It’s Too Dangerous To Go Alone Take This Shotgun a.k.a Not The Game We Wanted To Make by spleeny(0)
    1 Its not dangerous anymore by goatfactory(0)
    1 KingsExercise by cornedor(0)
    1 LD72 by fredericrp(0)
    1 So I herd u liek memetics (Also Comic Sans) by nandrew(0)
    1 The Invasion of The Blobs by philhassey(1)
    1 The Way Home by pdyxs(0)
    1 towlrAlone by redbone(1)


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