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A late but Colourful entry :)

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 2:38 pm

Well.. I did not quit finish the October challenge 😉 But now 20 days due I’ve finally come up with an idea, created it and published it to the market.


Let my present to you my first complete game “Colours“. A game app for android. It’s a game about colours (duh!) and the objective is to match a randomly generated colour with the help of three sliders that represent the primary colours Red, Green and Blue.

The faster you do it the more points will you earn and you can submit your score to a high-score list. With every level completed the game also gets harder and harder.

I would be really glad if you would like to test it out and tell my what you think.
It comes in a “lite” version and a paid version. The paid version because of the goal of the October challenge to earn one dollar :)

Some screenshots:

Here is the links :


Android app on Google Play


Android app on Google Play

If you would like to follow the development:
@dalsgames at twitter

Feedback is greatly appreciated 😀

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