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Fourth time in

Posted by (twitter: @GagaPete)
Thursday, April 24th, 2014 1:03 pm

This weekend, I’ll be participating for my fourth time. I hope everything turns out well and I’ll have enough time to create something nice and playable. This time I’ll use coffeescript, but I will stay within the browser. If I can come up with some nice “touchy” gameplay I’ll try to release it touch ready.
Since I suck at sounds, my game will either stay silent or use some generated sounds. So may I’ll use bxfr or some procedually generated sounds based on this document maybe?

Yet again, the first hours are reserved to make a more or less detailed plan of the game to avoid feature creep.

Editor: Sublime Text 2
Language: CoffeeScript
Graphics: Gimp
Sound: bxfr, LMMS (if I have plenty of time left)
Debugging: FireFox, Chromium
OS: Linux Mint (my Arch Linux pc is broken ATM so I needed a fast to install reliable replacement)

Konami code included

Frozen Fractal is in again!

Posted by (twitter: @frozenfractal)
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 12:37 pm

It will be hard to top the success of I Am A Ninja (LD22, 50th place) and Cytosine (LD24, 31st place), but I’m going to try my best.

Like my last two games, this one will also be HTML5. I’m not yet sure whether it’ll be canvas2d or WebGL, but I’m leaning towards the simplicity of canvas2d.

My previous two entries were written in raw JavaScript, but this time I’ll be using CoffeeScript instead. It’s just a more pleasant language to work with, and less verbose so quicker to type.

For preparation, I’ve written a tiny Ruby webserver using Sinatra, which uses a Rakefile to automatically compile my assets:

  • CoffeeScript is compiled into JavaScript.
  • SCSS is compiled into CSS, using Compass for its CSS3 mixins (which automatically add vendor prefixes like -webkit- and -moz-).
  • Inkscape SVG files are exported to PNG files.

This makes for the quickest development cycle: just save the file, and refresh the page.

I have three rough game concepts. Here’s to hoping one of them can be bent to fit the theme.

Good luck everyone!

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