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I’m In! – Part 2: My Code Base

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 2:38 pm

Hello everyone, this is the second part of my ‘I’m In’. There will be one more part where I will list the tools I’m using. It’s a bit silly┬áto do it in three parts but I’m still learning how all this works so I thought I’d take it slowly.

I’m hoping to use my CGS Framework for the compo which contains a collection of Unity3D C# scripts. CGS stands for Core Game Systems and it generally contains a bunch of useful tools that help speed up development:

  • Hierarchical state┬ámachine
  • Event driven communication between components
  • Unit test tools
  • Save/load functionality
  • Numerical ‘stat’ class that you can apply modifiers to
  • Physics based character controller
  • Item and inventory system
  • Debugging tools
  • Time and file utility classes

What I’m keen to know is whether or not any of these features violate the definition of ‘base code’ and therefore should not be included? If this is the case let me know and I’ll remove them and upload a revision.

Zip file of framework code:

CGS v1.0.3



Adding a script to my code base from this link:

To clarify, because I was sleepy last night, I’m using the C# script on that link for autosnap in Unity.

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