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Sometimes it’s not about whose bed you try to steal, it’s just trying to return some peace and quiet to a lizard filled dimension.

Ice Story


The rabbits know too much! We’ve gotta make it to the safe house garden plot! WHY DID WE ROB THE PELLET BANK!?



In the future one does not simply eat the plants or grow them for fun, some of them make handy weapons for defeating the eye demons. Should that whole ancient Atlantian plant technology fail, feel free to call on X-11 the gardening murder robot. He’s got a new turbo leaf blower or something.

Garden of Strife

X-11 That Leaf-blower Robot


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Sometimes when you’re tired after a long day of smashing buildings and public parks with your car you need a nice nap. Not just any nap mind you. The kind where horrifying beasts come from the darkness to attack! Good thing he have these retina destroying lasers and viscously cute companions to help save the realm of dreams!

Flail Rider


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