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The Rocket Man

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 4:53 am
Once again I spend my weekend (and some of Monday) hunched over a computer sweating to reach a deadline. But no regrets, it was amazing! I made a game called The Rocket Man, it’s about a lonely and forgetful astronaut and his only company is the ships AI.





Let me know what you think :)


Some Basic Concept done! I present you… The Mission!

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:36 pm

Ok, after a difficult 6AM rise and already 2 hours behind the schedule, I crawled to the PC to find a theme that made me gasp. Hell, I really didn’t expect this to be a theme. I mean, tell me about a game done in 48 hours that isn’t minimalistic!

So, the brainstorming session started quite slowly. Pick up the pen, go to the desk with a white paper and start writing whatever came to my mind. An hour later I’m rather happy to say that I have a clear idea of the concept of the game. And (this coming from me is actually quite unexpected), seems pretty fun to both implement and play. Let’s make a quick heads up.

My traing of tought followed this route: about 99.9% of the games that will be developed will focus on minimalistic graphics. Well, that’s almost a given, due to the time constraints. That CAN fit the theme alone but of course with a theme so ample there are a lot of stuff you can apply it on: mechanics, story, choices, number of buttons used… I see from posts that this last one is a common choice… Very interested in seeing the results!

Ok, since I’m using Ren’Py for the development of my game, I’ll focus on… Drum roll please… Minimal dialogue choices! 

(Why is no one clapping?)

Ok, it is not the most original idea in the world, but hear me now. The game is about rescuing a princess. You have two choices: “yes” and “why?”. With “yes”, you save the princess and all is good. You see an image of you saving the princess, credit roll and goodbye. With “Why?”, the narrator explains your reasons. For example, “Cause you are in love with her”. Then you have the same two choices: “yes” and “why?”. With yes, you win the game, credit roll and all. With “why”, the narrator explains… You get the idea.

So, you can basically choose any time to save the princess, but you can go as deep as you can with your  The fun stuff is, this can go on for quite a while, and can lead to some pretty fun writing. With time, you will access some unique questions. And, now for the fun part: based on the question you asked, the final image will change according to the details you unveiled. More question you will ask, more details you will add. Think Binding of Isaac: each power up adds up effects on the character. This will be the same but with the final image.

The title for this game is (since the theme is minimalism, let’s keep it simple):


The Mission

(Oh yeah!)

I’m pretty happy with the concept so far. I really didn’t expect to be happy with a concept of a game less than one hour after waking up. I have some basic idea on the Ren’Py script to use, now let’s get down to work!

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