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Chiptune music time!

Posted by (twitter: @qrchack)
Sunday, April 19th, 2015 3:01 am

This Ludum Dare I’m not coding, decided to go with what I’m best at: sound! Teamed up with a buddy who makes the game, and I focus on just the audio part. Anyway, a happy Ludum Dare chiptune for you all :)

Free Game Music – LD29

Posted by (twitter: @franklinwebber)
Thursday, April 10th, 2014 11:52 am

Ludum Dare is starting to feel like a good way to measure the passage of time. Each event allows me to reflect on what I was able to accomplish before and compare it to now. It is such a wonderful feeling to look back at the work you have created and know now how much better you are at this moment.

I have continued to make music despite some serious life changes (Laid Off, Moving, New Baby). Each time I sit down to create I still feel like an amateur. A beginner. Nervous and scared about failure. And each time I impress myself by pushing through and finishing a song. Is the song perfect? No. But it’s mine and more importantly it tells a piece of story about who I am at this moment.

All the songs that I have created and posted to SoundCloud are free to use with attribution (My name and a link to my work will do). So please go ahead and use them if you are planning on entering the Jam competition. Message me if you decide to use them, I would love to see your awesome work.

Here are a few sets that I have selected but you can view the entire list for yourself. I have about 100 sounds uploaded.

Love and Loss

I was so inspired by the Gone Home game that I wanted to create different songs around centered around the theme of when we fall in love and when we fall out of it.


I mentioned this Space album in a previous entry, since then I have finished the album and added a few new tracks to this atmospheric story.


Bits Don’t Fail Me Now

A collection of the ChipTunes inspired songs that I have created. I have added the fun Super Hero music that I created during the last event and a few others.

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