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14 hours may be enough (to make chips)

Posted by (twitter: @davidfarndt)
Friday, April 26th, 2013 1:36 pm

Worst timing ever, this LD, I’ll only be having about 14 hours time on Sunday. Can’t we postpone it? No? Why not? Am I not the most important thing in the universe? No? Damn.

14 hours should be enough for something, though. I’m in.
It’s include a [pəˈtātō] / [pəˈtātə]. I don’t care how it’s pronounced as long as you can make chips from it (yes, those that come with fish, which you may or may not have to fish yourself).

Tools: Unity3D, C#, a kitchen knife, a sack of potatoes, frying pan, salt, vinegar …wait is that still a recipe for a game?

Good luck everyone!

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