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Lab Lights Update

Posted by (twitter: @zanzlanz)
Friday, July 20th, 2012 12:50 pm

Hi everyone!

Some of you played my game “Lab Lights,” the game I created for the miniLD #36.
Well if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a difficult puzzle game where you push around batteries, crates, TNT, and magnets with a main goal of lighting up all the lights in each of the 23 levels in order to get to the last room and turn on the generator!

You may play it on my site here:

Here’s the link to the miniLD entry:

Lab Lights Screenshot


So here’s what my feedback was like:
When I put it on Newgrounds, it got daily 3rd best flash submission and later front-paged for a few days!  A rush of reviews and comments appeared.  Many people loved the difficulty of the puzzles.  A few people mentioned how rare it is these days to find good puzzle games this hard.  A few people compared it with “Chips Challenge” and “Shove It.”  MDeathM (on Newgrounds) says, “All in all, a phenomenally challenging and engaging puzzle game. Thank you for this creation.”  These words are very nice and I can only thank Ludum Dare for challenging me to make it.
To my surprise, Ryry67dude (on Newgrounds) made an hour long let’s play of it (and rage-quit at level 17) the day after the release!  Here’s his video:

Unfortunately though, not everyone enjoyed the difficulty level of it.  Many people got stuck on level 2 or 7.  Some players mentioned I fried their brains, heehee!

Since I recognize how hard these puzzles are (I describe it as brutal), I made a full walkthrough of all 23 levels.  Here’s the video:
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Lastly, some people said I should make a sequel.  I was thinking about it lately, and I think it would be a good idea.  I have some new gameplay elements that would be cool to add (Lasers and mirrors, differently sized boxes, teleporters, and boulders).  If you have any ideas, I’ll be happy to hear them 😀

Thanks for listening to my rambling, and thank you Ludum Dare for another fun experience!  If you want, you can rate and review the game in the comments on this post.
– Zanzlanz 😀

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