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Magnetic Force

We have just joined another 48 hours game jam in China. And I would like to share our games to all of you guys here. The main idea came from the magnet. You can use magnetic to attract or push the things.  I wish you would like it. Here is the game:

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Magnetic Force2







Magnetic Force4









4P mode is still a button. We have thought about it but there were no time for us to complete it in 48 hours.

We are planning to continue the work to polish the game and make it more attractive. Anything you want to talk about this game, plz let me know :)

Thank you! And good luck with your Ludumdare 30th.


Game Designer: Rao Zijian (Me)

Esthetics: Chen Weichen

Programers: Lin Huabin, He Bin, Yang Jintang

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