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Chain Pain: Final Submission

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 3:18 pm

Here it is. All that’s in the zip is the source code and the data; if I get less lazy by the end of today I’ll compile it with PyInstaller and make a Windows executable. Requires Python and PyGame.

Edit: Fun facts that weren’t in the README: Graphics made with Gimp and KolourPaint, sound effects made with my voice with my microphone, the two music files were made in WarioWare Touched’s toyroom using its piano and harmonica. Pretty much all the sounds had to be amplified with Audacity, too. Edit: Another fun fact is that the moving bar thing was inspired from Star Fox Adventures. You remember the Test of Fear? Though I have to say that game’s better than this one. =P

EditEdit: The Zip now contains a standalone EXE file so you can just double click on main.exe if you run Windows.

Edit³: If you want to see the high score system in action, change the best_time.txt file in data/ to something low, like 00:00 (I forgot to do that myself when I packaged it).

chain pain final

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