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You Are Bacteria – finished :)

Posted by (twitter: @w84death)
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:38 pm

This is a zero-player game. 
It’s a connection between the player, the computer science cellular automaton ( Conway’s Game of Life ) and a world of a simple bacterias.


  • Each bacteria has it’s own “brain”.
  • The brain is a simple simulation of Conway’s Game of Life
  • Player can modify it by adding active cells. Player can add 10 cells at the beginning. Each 10 game cycles is given another cell.
  • In the brain if active cells extends 45% the bacteria will multiply – new bacteria will show.
  • If the brain has no active cells bacteria dies.
  • The “movement” of cells in brain cause movement of the bacteria. So if there is no movement the bacteria will stand still.

Have fun :)

Play here:

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