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Angry Caverns – v0.3

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Sunday, August 30th, 2009 9:58 am

I’ve got another playable billed uploaded along with another gameplay video for the passively curious:

Play version 0.3 here (Flash)

Watch gameplay video of version 0.3 here (YouTube)


A suitably themed main menu

You are an extremely angry cavern. You awaken one day to find many creatures living inside of you. This pisses you off! You have a short amount of time on each level to use your cavern weapons to destroy as many creatures as you can. Kill multiple creatures with one attack to earn combo points and kill rare bonus creatures for extra score! Compete online with global leaderboards.


  • Use your mouse to click on your weapons (stalactites, geyers, etc.)
  • Kill as many creatures as you can within the time limit.
  • Kill all the creatures for a big bonus!

A few more screenshots with captions after the READ MORE…


Might have to try a longer compo next time!

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 3:05 pm

Work in progress, not completed in time, to be continued...
Well my Mash up was going to be a mix between up between Escape From Anathema Mines and Boomshakalaka

The concept was trapped in a mine with a lazer to trigger sticks of TNT to explode and clear boulders, take out enemies and handy mirror/crystals to bounce the lazer around corners.  Oh yeah you were was supposed to have a light like the first escape from Anathema.

It’s been good fun so far and I will finish it off and update, just to see if it will be fun to play!

Features completed:

  1. Level loading from image
  2. Player moving on map, collision with objects
  3. Lazer triggering dynamite fuse
  4. Energy reducing
  5. HUD working
  6. Lighting of tiles, brightness

To do…

  1. Dynamite exploding and clearing boulders
  2. Lazer/map collision
  3. Lazer mirror interaction
  4. Head torch lighting up envirnment
  5. Throwing Dynamite
  6. Enemies
  7. Exit working
  8. More levels…ect


LD8½: Moon

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 2:36 pm

My entry for Ludum Dare 8.5. LD 8.5 wasn’t a 48 hour compo, we only got 24 hours to make the game in, but the start time was flexible so you could choose the 24 hours of the weekend the compo was held that was best for you. I managed to use exactly 24 hours on my entry =)

Themes were Moon (actually “But even if you doubt their overwhelming findings, the Moon will never be the same to you again. Never will you raise your eyes to look at her without wondering: IS IT OR ISN’T IT AN ALIEN SPACESHIP WORLD?”, but everyone interpreted it as just “Moon”) and Anti-Textmode, no text at all in the game.

Title screen

The story, which you have to guess at since there’s no text (and the readme is rather sparse), goes: You’re a rabbit, minding your own business on the moon, when one day a butterfly comes flying from somewhere. It flies straight into a crater, which happens to lead to a huge system of caves beneath the surface. Curious rabbit as you are, you follow it, and so the game begins.

First screen

When I started making this I actually intended to make one of those bullet hell shooter games, but for some reason the game evolved into this cave-flying exploration game in stead. Or, well, calling it an exploration game might be a bit of a stretch since there’s only 5 rooms in the game, not counting the exit room (which is a very quick drawing of what’s supposed to be me in my bed, getting a good night’s sleep after 24 hours straight spent coding and drawing), but it would have been if I had spent less time fooling around with the code. For such an art-heavy game you’d think most of the time was spent drawing things (all the rooms are just bitmaps, there’s no tiles), but I actually spent most of the time on code. So, the art didn’t take much time, which kinda surprised me, though of course everything being lores greyscale had something to do with that, and I did rush it a bit too. Anyway, doing the art was a lot of fun.

It shoots!

So anyway, you fly around in this cave system, collecting flashing ring things to open gates while avoiding monsters and projectiles and such. It’s a shame the game is so extremely short, because I really like it and think it could be a good game with some more work. Maybe I’ll get back to it sometime =)

Download: [ Windows | Linux/source code ]

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