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The Castle is different every time you play!

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 11:21 am



If you have played The Wewelsburg Experiment, maybe you didn’t know that there is an EXIT you have to find and that the castle is brand new, generated every time you play.

We didn’t have time to watch people outside the team play to get feedback, and we’ve been getting feedback now that make us think that.  And so, we wanted you to know :).  Open the map and try to get out of the castle!



Escape The Castle

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Monday, December 14th, 2015 7:56 pm


                                                   Play Escape The Castle here!

This is our third participation in Ludum Dare, the first time created the game The Little Teddy and the second time we create Run Monster Run. Every new Ludum Dare we participate we gain more experience and we make a game better. Always ending faster and with fewer errors than before.

398427_144505689000932_649834205_n                 1925349_10203442084396140_399410677_n

         Luciano (Art, Animation)                                             Leticia (Programmer)

In our game we play a knight who tries to escape a cursed castle. The game is set in the castle punches, with a very uneven ground and several haunted enemies will attack you. There are power ups which can be taken to assist the player in this journey. This project worked: Luciano Gomes ( art and animation ) and Leticia Cristine (game design and programmer).


  • Story: Many centuries ago, there was a cursed castle in Europe. The announcement was: “Get out alive and earn a lot of gold”. So many knights in the region accepted the challenge, but nome achieved success in their goals. Be the first to leave the castle alive, it is one that will win a lot of gold and will be remembered forever as the one who scaped the castle. Or simply die.
  • Aesthetics: The art was all developed in photoshop with hand paintings and the inspiration came from medieval castles, the artist chose this aesthetic for judging be faster to develop.
  • Mechanics: We use the mechanics of a classic run forever . In addition to running the character you will have to kill the enemies in the way and be careful not to fall between the obstacles. There are extra buff life and invincibility throughout the stage. Everything in the game is randomly generated , and the enemies have a basic artificial intelegencia to meet the hero of the game.
  • Technology: Again we use the Construct 2, to be the best tool to develop a quick game. Even with many limitations of the sofware, we always get a satisfactory result. This time we advance a little more with its features and the game is integrated with facebook . The player will be able to log in and the screen displays your photo and name, it is also possible to share the results of your score on the timeline.


SS1      SS3      SS2

  • What we’ve learned: In this edition of Ludum Dare work better and faster as a team, which is always good for future events. And we learn a little more Construct 2 that although simple has a great potential. We also learned that making animated interfaces is always cool, the menu and the help screen are excited!
  • The good: We have one more game! I think the game was a lot of fun because it is quite difficult, it is possible to die in the first few seconds ( hahaha ) but if you put very good, will advance a great deal . The integration with Facebook was something that was very cool, I had never done anything like that and this experience made ​​me very happy .
  • The bad: Arts and animations of the game were not very good (the artist was too lazy, hahaha). We were without a headset or sound output function , which prevented the sounds add to the game, which makes the experience a little boring.



Castle Smash

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 10:47 am

LD48 #0 was a 24-hour competition with the theme “Indirect Interaction”. To celebrate that, I created Castle Smash, an RTS game where you have no control over your units. You just make buildings to create them, and decide where to build bridges. Their “AI” tells them what to do. Yes, it’s a lot like Majesty, which I had not even heard of at the time. This is a 2-player (at the same computer) game, with no single player option at all.

Castle Smash

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