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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 6:35 pm

Well at least I tried, but with less than an hour to go i seriously doubt i’ll have a game finished.

No game, but what i do have is a platforming engine with a multiplayer backend. So you can parkour with your friends. Right now there’s only 1 server so if it’s full i have no idea what happens (probably a crash). There’s not really any interpolation or extrapolation so crappy connections will look terrible.

Playable version here: (just drag and drop into your internet browser, depending on connection speeds it can take a while to join the game)

If you want to test out the multiplayer just boot up two copies of the game, or find some friends.

Well i tried.

Well i tried.

Post Mortem:

– Don’t make a multiplayer game unless you’ve done it before.

– Actually have a rough idea what the game will be or at least spend a little bit of time figuring it out.

– Art is important, leaving it to the last day never leaves you with enough time to create anything good.


It wasn’t a complete loss, I can definitely use the multiplayer experience in my actual projects. Which I had been shying away from because it sounded hard. The good news is, multiplayer stuff is tricky, but once you sort of ‘get’ it, you can make a semi functioning game fairly easily. Well regardless it was fun, and i learned a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t have tried in a normal day.

In the future, when i do another Ludum Dare, i’ll just make a flappy bird clone and call it a day.


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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:35 pm

Been working on a bunch of the multiplayer code. Haven’t even started art so I still have very little to show, but got a huge chunk of the really difficult backend stuff working. I’m in no means an expert at this stuff, and this is the first time I’ve dived into multiplayer coding. I’m making a huge mess but learning a whole ton.

I have a simple system where every player acts like the host. It causes problems with syncing as each player can have a slightly different impression of the same scene, which causes update spamming and a lot of jittering. As well because he reports from the client are assumed in good will it’ll never work in an actual product as it would be super easy to just decompile the client and ruin it for everyone else. But the good news is it works well enough for a jam.

The result is that now I have a sort of hacked together multiplayer parkour game it works (sorta) but is just crazy full of bugs right now.

Running the game between 4 different clients

Running the game between 4 different clients


6 hours in, lots of game left to build…

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Friday, April 25th, 2014 11:53 pm

Not panicking yet. yet. YET

The cyborg in there now is just a placeholder. I need to replace her with someone else eventually?

The cyborg in there now is just a placeholder. I’ll replace her with someone else eventually.

Trying a different approach than I normally do. I’m just gonna make random mechanics that are sorta fun with no real idea what it will look like. I still have no idea what the premise is going to be, so might be too early for characters. I’m thinking something with sewers or dungeons. Game will be some kind of multiplayer “grab coins, don’t die” thing. I dunno n things.

Here’s a playable demo: You should be able to drag the .swf directly into a browser to play it. Use WSD and space to move n jump.

Jeez! Finally can get jamming.

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Friday, April 25th, 2014 9:09 pm

Really should’ve set this stuff up ahead of time it took me slightly less than 2 hours to get the core stuff all setup. Which includes sounds, asset loading, collision and other junk.

Here’s my library that i’ve setup. Some of it was Frankensteined so I feel like i need to post it somewhere ahead of time so it’s not cheaty or whatever. The art assets in there right now came with dragonbones, are only temp. The audio (which im not including in the zip) was just ripped from another of my games as placeholder. The is merely for show right now, it’s just pinging their servers and going nowhere with the return.

The robot is just temp art, it's from the Dragonbones api (i'm not keeping it)

The robot is just temp art, it’s from the Dragonbones api (i’m not keeping it)

And now, this is where the fun begins!

Good luck other jammers!

I’m in

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Monday, April 22nd, 2013 11:21 am

Alright, so this would be my fourth LD, I’ve only finished 1 of 3 so far. I’d rather not drop below 33% success … So lets do this! Even if the theme is potato.


Code: Actionscript 3, Flash Professional IDE

Art: Flash Professional IDE, Cintiq

Music: Renoise, bsfxr

Livestream: (possibly?)


A little about my previous LD experiences. In case new people read these sort of things and want to hear horror stories:

So on my first LD I didn’t make a game I built an excessively elaborate game engine, mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted to build – and then decided to make an rpg where you played as a chicken with only 11 hours to go. Obviously I didn’t finish, but I used that same engine to run a boat ton of my other projects outside of LD.

So my second LD game I endeavored to actually finish. The game i built was ‘Panspermia’. This time around I focused on a super simple mechanic and just got something rough running in the first 3 hours, then spent the rest of the time fixing bugs, adding features, polishing art, and then publishing the game to the internet. It went pretty well and I’m happy with what I got finished in 48 hours (cuz seriously I have no idea how I got ALL that shit done, and still slept/ate).

And the last LD I attempted I was going to make a game where you played as the white whale from Moby Dick. I dropped out with 16 hours to go. Bad time management caused me to lose 4 hours at the start and bad utilization of my first day – I spent all my time making a realistic buoyancy and sinusoidal wave simulator, the waves looked and acted realistic – but the feature was a serious time sink just getting it working.

I notice i have a tendency to name my games mildly suggestive things like: Cock Quest – an rpg about a chicken, Panspermia – a origin of life theory, and Moby Dick – its about a whale honest.

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