Ludum Dare 31
December 5th-8th, 2014

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Untangle – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Monday, August 25th, 2014 12:57 pm

It’s my second Ludum Dare, but first official (in 29 I didn’t write anything here official blog). And here’s a little summary of my Untangle game submission. Tommorow I’ll write longer post-mortem and share it on my devblog.


Untangled is 2D shoot them up game. Various worlds tangled together, and – as multidimensional police officer you must jump inside your trusted tank and fight strange monsters! Some of them just gone crazy after Connection, some came from other worlds. Ultimately you must untangle worlds, and bring peace once again!

Download Untangle from Ludum dare page~!

The good:

  • I decided to go with project little beyond my coding limits and… well… I broke my limits and made a game~!
  • I learned some new things about gemetry, mouse handling in allegro library and C++ STL containers.
  • About 4 hours before end I was convinced I won’t make it, but here it is. It’s so good to don’t give in to your fears.

The bad:

  • My implementation of tile maps sucks, so game have serious lags, and I’m not sure how to fix it.
  • I really struggled with silly read-file, and tile map errors so I didn’t have time to make any sfx.
  • I have to cut lot of my previous gameplay ideas… (but maybe they’ll made to post-LD version?)
  • I feel like there’s to little impact on disconnecting worlds.

The ugly:

  • My art :D but I’m secretly proud of Fire monsters.


I must admit it was great to participate once again, and remind myself that “Ludum dares you to be happy”.
It’s wonderful to be part of community, and I really hope that someone’ll find my game interesting.

Good luck to you all, and see you on Ludum Dare 31 (:

Level 1 done !

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Monday, August 25th, 2014 6:02 am

Hi !

Level 1 is done !

Now we just have to do sfx, music, more levels, more tiles, a menu, …


It’ll be done soon !

DarksteelPenguin, Coldman07, tchassin


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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 1:11 pm

Entry Link

The aim of the game is to travel through and place portals which will flip the player to the other side of the map in order to collect portal potions to create portals and keys to unlock doors, to complete the level’s end which is marked by a red flag. 

!!__Windows Version Coming Soon__!! 
If someone could compile this to work with windows, I would be so grateful as I am having some problems compiling on Windows (dll hell). 


[W] Forward 
[A] Left 
[S] Back 
[D] Right 
[E] Use Portal or Use Door (with key) 
[Space] Place Portal 
[Esc] Pause 


OS: Mac OS X (Windows Coming Soon) 
OpenGL 2.1 

Tools Used: 

- Programming Language: C++ 
- Graphics Library: SFML 2.1 & OpenGL 2.1 
- Audio Library: SFML 2.1 
- Image Editor/Creator: Photoshop CS5 
- Music Editor/Creator: Garageband 
- Text Edito/Creator: Sublime Text 3


Looks good !

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 5:20 am

Hi !

Finally some movement and basic IA. Imps are running after us !

We switsched from SDL to SFML, and it’s waaaaaaay easier to use.


By the way, lunch is a great moment to think about gameplay.

french lunch

DarksteelPenguin, ioa42/Coldman07, tchassin

1st Day Report

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 6:38 pm

Game is called ‘Untangle’ and you can browse my code here


Sadly it’s nothing special yet. I spend all day on brainstorming my idea, creating simple prototype that allows to move around (blank for now) tile map, and shoot towards mouse. I wanted to create my first shooter for Ludum Dare, but I faced a wall with drawing tile map: for some reason it’s soo damn slow, and I strugled for nearly 6 hour to find way to fix it. I hope tomorrow will bring solution, but to be honest I start to worry if I made it in time.

I’m afraid that if I don’t find good solution I’ll have to scale down my map :(

~> Moving around,
~> Rotating player and shooting towards mouse pointer – I’m really glad I learned how to do it! :D
~> Simple tile map loaded from text file (all tiles are stored as 2 chars: first is tile type, and second is world of it’s origin).

Things to add:
~> Simple graph worlds map, that shows connections between tangled worlds.
~> Morphing level according to connections.
~> Enemies!
~> Breaking connections.

Some cuts I’ll probably have to do:
~> Cut down game to 1 level consisting of three worlds (water world, fire world and… we’ll see, maybe grass one).

Good luck everyone on 2nd day, and good night! I need some sleep! :)

Thought I should share the progress on my game.

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 1:37 pm

My game is called On The Other Side. There are two worlds which are vertically connected. You can switch between them with the right mouse button, you can also jump with the left mouse button. It’s basically a more advanced version of those jump-over-spikes games. Every 30 seconds a disaster occurs, as of now there are only 3 disasters. Here’s a GIF of the gameplay so far! You might have to click the image to see the animation.

On The Other Side

On The Other Side Gameplay

Here are the tools I have used to make this, or will use tomorrow:

Engine: None, coded from scratch in C++

Libraries: SDL2 (and its sister libraries, SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf and SDL2_mixer)

Sounds: BFXR

Music: LMMS

Images: Paint.NET

Oh, and by the way this is for the compo unless I can’t finish it by tomorrow, in which case it’s going to have to be for the jam :)

– Ethan

Welcome Untangle!

Posted by (twitter: @Zegis_)
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 3:57 am

Woo ho! It looks like I have idea for Ludum Dare.

Take role of multidimensional police officer and close connection between worlds, that causes chaos! Find ‘warping keys’ and close doors!

Each connected world changes level setting, by adding elements characteristic to that world to another! (Eg. if we connect fire world to water one, we’ll have burning fire in some water area!)



Posted by (twitter: @64Mega)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 9:57 am

Didn’t think I’d have the time for LD this year, but I may as well try!

I’ll be developing my game with the following tools/libraries:

  • C++ (MingW-4.8.1), using C++11 features to help reduce development time.
  • SFML-2.1 (As an easy way to get an OpenGL context, as well as input/sound)
  • CodeLite, gvim, NP++… whichever I happen to open in a panic when I begin.
  • Custom Makefiles to control build (Because I’m masochistic)
  • ASE and GIMP for art.
  • Famitracker, BFXR and Audacity for Sound/Music.
  • Tilestudio for level design and export (if needed)

No idea whether or not I’ll have anything done by the end of the 48 hours, but it’s worth a shot.

Good luck, everbody!

I’m in

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014 8:48 am

This will be my 6th Ludum Dare so far and I’m going back to the basics with the tools.
I’ve been working for a while on a basecode specifically for Ludum Dare, but unfortunately (mainly due to my own lazyness) it is not in the shape I was hoping it to be for this event. It is lacking few major featuers (like audio) and the sprite system has been hacked together in the last few hours so its far from state-of-the-art and likely to be buggy. Anyhow, I’ll give it a go and try to work on it for these few hours there still is before the compo starts and see if I can get the code to even compile on Windows as I haven’t tried that yet even once (in theory it should as I’m not using any Linux specific libraries, but since when has anything been that easy).

Language: C++
Basecode: Link
Graphics: GIMP
Audio: TuxGuitar, SFXR, Audacity

I’m in :D

Posted by (twitter: @DhantonGames)
Friday, August 22nd, 2014 7:04 am

I’ll be entering the jam. I’m looking for an artist, I know it’s a little bit late, but if anyone is interested just tell me on twitter :D

  • Code: C++ with SFML
  • IDE: QtCreator and qmake
  • Art: Aseprite (if I don’t find an artist)
  • Sound: sfxr
  • Music: Beepbox (if I have enough time)
  • Timelapse: gLapse

I will be using my own simple collection of tools to make my life easier. Since I don’t really know if I will be doing compo or jam, here they are:

Oh, and I will be streaming. Maybe.

Good luck to everyone :P

I’m in

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 8:10 am

This is my second ludum dare ^^
OK I guess I’ll use again my directx basic framwork which I can share [it’s pretty basic]:–o/LudumDare


All code I’ll use will be here:–o/LudumDare

For sound:

I’m gonna record with my new keyboard P: and maybe some guitar!


For art:

Gonna use the gfxTablet application for my tablet in case I’d have to draw some art

Or gonna do some pixel art.


I think it’s gonna be fun [My first ludum dare was the #27, it’s good to be back]!

Happy Ludum Dare 30!

Count me in!

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 8:08 am

I’ll be entering the competition rather than the jam and I can’t wait to see what the theme is! Let’s get down to it, I’ll be writing the game from scratch in C++ with the library SDL2. I will be targeting windows so my apologies in advanced to those Linux or OSX users – perhaps I will port it to those operating systems after the initial 48 hours.

Not sure if this is allowed but I will start my first 24 hours on Friday 22nd, miss out Saturday completely (due to real life events) and finish the last 24 hours up on Sunday. Hopefully that’s not against the rules.

Engine: My own!

Language: C++

Libraries: SDL2, SDL2 Image, SDL2 TTF, SDL2 Mixer

Graphics: Paint.NET

Audio: BFXR

Operating System: Windows

I’ll also be making a timelapse of the game’s development which will be uploaded to YouTube either Monday or Tuesday next week.

Good luck to everyone who participates :)

- Ethan

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