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Updates for “Bunnies, Back Into Your Cage!”

Posted by (twitter: @RatKingsLair)
Friday, September 2nd, 2011 8:38 am

Just wanted to tell that I did some minor updates to my LD21 game, “Bunnies, Back Into Your Cage!”. This is something I don’t do often (working on a post-compo version always was a timewaster to me) but this time it felt like it was worth it. Even though some people really HATE the controls.

Well, at least I had some fun with it.

Updates include bug fixing (no invisible blocks anymore, also no double level loading), rebalancing (especially the last level) and a new control scheme (picking/dropping blocks only with shift key now, WASD added). The latest enhancement is the addition of text which serves the purpose of a tutorial and a “story” alike. Also, someone didn’t like that falling out of the level resetted it, so this was removed too.

The updates are for the Kongregate version only, so play it there.

The Ludum Dare entry page is here – please rate it (the unaltered LD version, of course), if you haven’t already! :-) Thanks!

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