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Bulldozer Blitz

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:49 pm

Finished! Possibly my most polished and feature-complete LD48 entry yet, and seems to be enjoyable too.

Bulldozer Blitz Title Screen

Windows download

Webstart link (for windows, mac and linux)

You’ve got to dig up the rocks and lay down roads to keep the city happy as it expands. Have too many angry drivers and it’s game over! Easy is good for those who want to build a big city, hard is more fast paced and frantic. And feel free to post your high scores in the comments and see where you stand. :)

About the only thing missing is sound, which I didn’t get time to do. However I did manage to fit in almost all of the gameplay elements, as well as proper menus and high scores, so I’m pretty happy with it – especially since this was a one-day entry. I’ll have to do a proper post-mortem in the week when I’ve recoverted.


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