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Finding bugs and my son’s reactions

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 6:59 pm

I stumbled upon some bugs during the LD37 gamedev process. Who doesn’t? =)

Here are some moments that I’ll remember and I thought I’d share them. Having my son finding it just as amusing as I am makes these moments and memories very special to me :)

My final game can be played here (WebGL + Windows)

Im Done But

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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 7:36 pm

there a lot of glitches and bugs in it and no sounds.

but this is my first game and i think it turned out pretty well

you can almost have fun at

Animation Bugs :D

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 6:06 am


Kettle-Cat now spews out steam at the top.

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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 10:30 pm

Added steam spewing off at the top. Cosmetics only changes. Check out my game, Hot Kitty!

Kettle-Cat now spews out steam at the top.

Kettle-Cat now spews out steam at the top.


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Saturday, April 26th, 2014 9:35 pm

Been working on a bunch of the multiplayer code. Haven’t even started art so I still have very little to show, but got a huge chunk of the really difficult backend stuff working. I’m in no means an expert at this stuff, and this is the first time I’ve dived into multiplayer coding. I’m making a huge mess but learning a whole ton.

I have a simple system where every player acts like the host. It causes problems with syncing as each player can have a slightly different impression of the same scene, which causes update spamming and a lot of jittering. As well because he reports from the client are assumed in good will it’ll never work in an actual product as it would be super easy to just decompile the client and ruin it for everyone else. But the good news is it works well enough for a jam.

The result is that now I have a sort of hacked together multiplayer parkour game it works (sorta) but is just crazy full of bugs right now.

Running the game between 4 different clients

Running the game between 4 different clients


The Play With Time

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 10:51 am

I also finished my first Ludum Dare last night and I am very happy, that the most of the other gameinventors who played my game enjoyed it, like I did when creating the game ( I also enjoy it playing/testing 😉 ). The Only thing I have to say: time was very short. So much to do: Programming, making graphics, thinking, animating… and there are still other things to manage: eating food, drinking enough water to concentrate, going to toilet. Sleeping – of course. Even if it was a little bit hard to sleep with this much pressure in the subconscious. And at the end there has to be a fully playable game.

My first thoughts were like: “Oh – my  god!”

How am I going to manage the time? What should I use my time for? Graphics, just programming (little graphics), planning, ideas, music? I also had no idea what to do in the first place. Maybe some people who watched my stream on twitch saw ( not heard) me talking on skype and teamspeak, getting over and over new ideas and discussing what to do. But as I started to do the first graphics I got the flow and could bring up all my energy to finish this more or less raw, but still playable and enjoyable game!


What I did right or wrong

The right decision was to chose the libgdx for my game!

First I focused on graphics (maybe a failure, because in the end I nearly ran out of time! :/ ).  I submitted the game ONE minute or maybe less before the submission was over! And it was really, really exciting and close. After I found the style, how the game should look, I started to rig and animate the character. Then I created the skin for the enemies. By the way: Thanks to the creator(s) of Spine who made this great and simple animation tool for rigging and animating characters and menus! It made it very easy for me to make thos smooth animations.

Unfortunately I got stock by loading them and bringing the characters to life… for about 1 hour. There went the first part of the time I was missing in the end.

After I got them finally to work ( maybe my own way of doing it… let’s say by work around the actual problem of it) I started to implement the first raw test-map for the game and the mechanics for the jump’n’run… and I got stuck again! Unbelievable!

I tried to deflect me from the problem with glitching collisions or sometimes no collisions by eating, playing the piano, eating, going to toilet (where some good ideas came from :D) and lost this way much time again. But finally made the collision ( also with a workaround which is even quite nice!). But I still had so many things in my mind, which were to do during the next 12 hours: the exit of the map, different screens (levelstart, levelend, decisionscreen), variable attributes for upgrades, random map generator. 12 hours: such stress! Ultra.

The less time I had, the more rougher the code was going. In the beginning everything was fine. Nice OOP. In the end some bugs appeared and every snippet of code was just like it came out of my hands and not my brain.

The Core of the game: The decisions. They were actually the last thing I implemented. I think this was a huge mistake! There was not much time and not much concentration left (2:30  | GMT+1) and they should definitly make sense!  You only get one of the displayed upgrades after getting through each random generated level:

You jump 2 times higher than before BUT You jump 3 times lower than before.

Doesn’t make any sense, heh? Well…. I had to get through this last thingy, but I finally made it…. somehow….


Thanks to all people who supported me while programming: Thanks to my girlfriend Julia, who supported me whereever she could and delivered some food :3 Thanks to the guys of the endless-aerospace teamspeak who always had some nice ideas! Thanks to my coworkers who skyped with me and motivated me to finish it!

I hope I may be proud as everybody else who made it this far during the compo!

I enjoyed programming/designing / animating, did you too?


Everybody who’s interested in what I am creating usually or who wants to see what will happen to the project after ludum dare can follow me on twitter: WhiteLlama






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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 1:49 pm

Hey guys! Just finished up an amazing Jam where the point is to link a button in your game to a charity of your choosing. You may have heard of it as we have all been talking about it for a few weeks now here on LD. Anyway, my game is called MINIMALISTIC TURBO and I am very proud of how this turned out. This was my first game with a menu, sounds, actual graphics, and I really am just really glad with how it turned out. I think what I enjoy most is the tight controls, gameplay, and how there are very few bugs, no really, I gave this to my testers and they couldn’t find anything that was actually a bug. A few small tweaks, but no game breaking faults. This is pretty big, if you remember my last LD game, a text adventure that was pretty buggy and more often than not break for testers. I am still pretty proud of the text adventure, it was really big for me at the time and still is pretty complex, anyway, that just shows how much I have grown.
Something else I added in this game were sounds I haven’t really had any experience with sound in games, I mean, I had played around with some stuff, but this was my first game that really embraced that and did it well.


I am a little bit unhappy with how my text ended up on the main menu, the taglines at the top are different lengths, and I couldn’t figure out a clean and quick way to center it because I am using outdated OpenGL and GLUT. if I could learn how to do textures soon that would be more than helpful. .-. I tried to get SOIL to work DURING the Jam, and well, that didn’t really work. However; I didn’t try too hard on that. I learned about getting burned out  and sticking on a problem a while ago, in a Mini-LD. (Pro-Tip: When stuck on a problem, find a kludge, make a note, move on, come back to it later.)

Anyway, all in all, I am really proud I was able to do this, and I hopefully helped the Red Cross along the way.

Wanna play my game? You can look for it here, or download the game.
Use the hashtag #MINIMALISITC_TURBO to tweet about my game! Or, follow me on the twittertwaters (@powderblock) for live tweeting late night fun.


Sunday, December 16th, 2012 8:59 am


My avatar can’t fucking jump. So annoying.

Well he can jump but then he slowly falls like autumn leaves.

But it’s a girl and not a autumn thingy.

2 hours i try to make her fall like a person.

I’m about to rage-quitte my life jumping through the window and falling like an ACTUAL PEOPLE.


Grumble Grumble stupid bugs

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Saturday, December 15th, 2012 11:49 pm

Nothing much to say besides that. I had two ways to access a tile in my game: by tile pos, and by world pos…. got both mixed >.<

ZUNZANDA – Post Mortem

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 10:53 am


This weekend was crazy. Ludum Dare 23, the 10th anniversary of the best dang game jam around, was number one on my list of priorities. I wanted to go all out for the 10th anniversary, and I did. I altered my sleep schedule so I could work during the night, which is my most productive time. I started working on the game after midnight on Friday… then I went to sleep sometime the next morning. I then stayed up ALL night on Saturday… and stayed up all the way until submission time.

Then … I crashed.

I crashed hard.

And on Monday… I was met with some terrible news. My aunt had just passed away.

Normally by this time, I’ve already played 15 – 20 LD games. But due to my sleep schedule, I couldn’t follow through. I was gonna start on Monday morning. Then I got the news about my aunt and things obviously changed. So here I am… on Tuesday morning… and I still haven’t played a single LD game. I spent some time adding a dedication to my aunt in ZUNZANDA’s credits, which I hope the judges are OK with. I then ironed out some bugs that I discovered while playtesting and getting feedback from others… but only game killing bugs. One glitch even caused the player input to stop completely, so I had to deal with that ASAP. Dropbox also borked my upload link… but I didn’t know because the site was so jammed up that I couldn’t even get to my own entry page. I said “SCREW IT!” and passed out.

But I did find a horrible bug. Well… less of a bug and more of an I’M AN IDIOT AND FORGOT TO ADD THIS VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE TO THE GAME issue. I won’t reveal what it is. Maybe you won’t notice. *cringe*

What the hell is Zunzanda?

Well… it’s a game about a tiny world. But the twist is that the world is getting smaller by the minute… and you gotta stop it! How?

With this totally rad terrain sculpting system, of course!

Well, that was going to be the primary focus of the game, but the dynamic tiles and terrain destruction features sort of fell out of the spotlight when I realized that what I had in my head would not be possible in 48 hours. I originally wanted the player character to have two forms… one that could attack but was forced to stand on solid ground, and a form that could not attack, but could float between platforms. The terrain was originally going to change drastically over the course of a ‘stage’, but now you’ll find that it’s much more gradual.

It took me a long time to get the dynamic tile system working, but it turned out MOSTLY alright. It’s kinda fugly and it’s not incredibly seamless, but it does what I wanted it to… and HEY… for 48 hours… it’s GREAT.

So what else can this game do?


The game is broken down into waves… with each wave throwing more enemies at you. Your goal is to kill those star jellies as quickly as you can before they eat your world. The only way to kill ’em is to collect those starshines that fall from they sky. Get enough of ’em and you’ll unleash a burst of light that fries ’em dead. Then you get a bit of a break so you can ‘cash in’ your dead jellies for new terrain tiles to rebuild your world. It’s a constant battle of dodging holes while racing for those precious starshines… and staying away from those jellies while they try to gobble up your land. It gets pretty intense… even if it did end up being a bit unforgiving with ‘deaths’.

If you wanna keep reading… follow me after the jump and we’ll keep it going.


Problem with Links in warm-up game page

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Sunday, April 15th, 2012 6:28 pm

To the powers that be :-)

The link to the author’s journal in the warm-up page is broken – It is pointing to the “ld22” category, which is pointless for people who are participating for the first time, or who for some reason skipped ld22.

I suggest that you change the link from:




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Thursday, February 16th, 2012 3:54 pm

HELP ME! I have tried 20 times to log in to Ludum Dare and EVERY SINGLE TIME it reloads the page and DOES NOT REGISTER MY LOGIN!
What the hell?!

Step 13: Bugs

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 10:21 am

I don’t like bugs.

Breathrough.. arg!

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:14 am

I think I’ve just spent the last 3-4 hours completly rewriting my fleet movement/tweening code like 4 times and back again.. and have FINALLY solved my #$^$!@ engineering problem…. arg.

Need a break now… but the good news is I finally have smooth movement of the fleet in all directions and it doesn’t matter how many echeleon patterns you are shifting through…. it is all fine dandy.

Don’t ya love programming?  😉


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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 10:17 am

Phew. I just got the “AI” system I’ve been working on the last hours to work at least a decently. The enemy ships don’t move totally random anymore, they try to line up so they can hit your ships at least. It’s still really stupid though, especially when close to the screen edges but it’s as good as I’ll bother to make it I think.

I’ve also implemented levels and game-over conditions, a shop where you buy new ships between the levels and done tons of bugfixes/speedups since yesterday. There is still one really annoying bug where the sprites sometimes doesn’t get cleared completely and leave one or two lingering pixels, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out soon.

After that there is mostly fine polishing left to do, the shop screen is very, very minimalistic right now, to the point of not making any sense, the interface graphics could also need some love and after that it’s on to game balancing.


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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 4:17 pm

Probably my least-finished LD entry (not counting ones I didn’t even start), Termites is the adventuresome tale of a small band of termites on a very small screen. All you can do is wander around and chew up grass, making termite babies with which to devour the couple of buildings onscreen.


It’s kind of entertaining to enjoy the simulation a bit. This ‘game’ cannot currently be downloaded anywhere in particular.

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