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Fixed a whole heap of small bugs and issues. Also added Linux and Mac builds!


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WOK QUEST bugs fixed!

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Friday, April 24th, 2015 7:44 pm

Hello again!

I have finally uploaded a new Wok Quest version with a lot of bugs fixed! Hope you like it! =)


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Viral Mutation Manipulation Simulation Post Mortem

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 1:11 pm

Let’s start with a GIF, why not.

GIF 5 : Subtitle

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Recently I’ve been playing a lot of Startopia and utterly loving it. As such even before the theme voting started I was positive about working on a management simulation. There were many acceptable themes on the last batch; Grow, Adapt to survive, Harvest, Indirect Control; but alas they were not to be. I went to sleep a bit worried, but after waking up (mere 2 hours later!) I had the plan more or less down. Take Big Pharma, but rather than creating beneficial drugs, this lab would churn out harmful viruses.

The process:

Code, eat, sleep, code, eat, sleep, code, time’s up!
Nothing out of ordinary there. Slept less than in prior jams, but I really didn’t have time to catch any more Zs.


Never worked on a management simulation before and to make it even harder I decided to do it the proper, efficient way. Rather than having all entities in a list which would get iterated though every AI update step, they are stored in temporary lists based on their current purpose. Seems simple enough, except coding while sleepy is a surefire way to miss a few of those, now crucial, list manipulations. Forget even one of them at any state change and soon resources are permanently stuck to the floor and the droids fail to update their tasks.

In the initial release that happened a lot. Now after a few days, all the bugs have been squished (as far as I know!).

Future and beyond:

The PostJam version is on the works. First I’ll implement some interface improvements and missing features I had no time to do. After that, time will tell. There are only so many projects I can work on at a time, but this feels like a keeper.


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