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Fleedom – Progress Continues..

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 12:14 pm

So, I have another playable build of my work in progress available.

Play it here in your favorite browser

It now has an enemy ship wave manager so I can build out the Wall of Doom(tm) that you must escape through to rescue the last of your race.

I also took a suggestion to map the fleet pattern echeleons to the Z/X/C/V keys.. four patterns in all.

Give it a whirl if you’d like as I’d love to hear any feedback.  I’m trying to get absolutely as much of the gameplay done before screwing around with any graphics this time.  I think it is actually progressing really well for once!

The game just ends right now when all the enemy ships go by.  Also.. if you lose all your ships you have to refresh your browser to continue!

Crystal Towers Beta -Final-

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 3:12 pm

Ok here is my final entry. It is far from being polished but I am up for 17 hours 12 of which were programming… My brains are messy now 😀

So no sounds, no bunch of planed effects and sleek interface… And output codes may not be forum friendly… Not time to test and debug but mostly game works.

Also sorry for English don’t have willpower to go and check if I did some mistakes and ofcourse there are bugs and glitches 😀

But at least I did everything I wanted from mechanics point of view. Enjoy this game and share bugs and replays here plz.



EXE file

Browser version

Source FLA and AS files

Well source codes. Half of the time I was waging war with interface which resulted in really messy structure and some bad dependencies. Also I go tired of commenting so I am not shore if it will be of any use to anyone :(

Used Box2DFlashAS3_2.0.1 and some my utilities of my own :)

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