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Our Progress So Far

Sunday, August 28th, 2016 10:35 pm

Hi There, it’s Sunfury!  :)

We didn’t post anything yet cuz we were hard in the developing proccess,
To sum up, we could be in a way deeper progress of a game. (everyone says that? ><)

Our force for this ludum dare contains:
Rom and Tom-Programmers sitting next to each other and working non-stop (full time)
Artur-Pro Designer (when he doesn’t work)
Ilya-Pro Designer (when he doesn’t work)

Our First Day:

We thought about making a physic game using levers/swing as ancient technology, this is what we came up with:

Kingeat by HealTheIll

Shootexample by HealTheIll

All tough it came up kinda fun and funny, we saw no potential in keep developing it (it may be too repetitive)

We reconsidered our options, thinking about more ancient technologies and we came up with pulleys (video) .
We decided to take the risk and test those pulleys.

after wasting  like 5 hours thinking about these pulleys and how we gonna make them intersting we crashed.
Day 2:

We wasted most of day 2 testing and trying to implement the most fun yet realistic physics and gameplay.
Working with Game Maker using Box2D, we tried using built in pulley  joints, but we found it too basic for our needs.

after hours of work in the end of day 2, we ended up with this:

Wegotsomthing by HealTheIll

You play as a well-known architect in Egypt, you’re there to solve their problems and well, mainly help them build their pyramids.
you do it by stretching ropes through the map.
The more we played with these mechanics the more we saw what a great potential this game has, hopefully we will think of some great puzzles tomorrow

Day 3 Plans:

-polishing (physics, effects, sounds…)
-challanging puzzles
-combining designs

hopefully, we’ll finish this game and make it somthing we’re proud of and hopefully somthing you’ll like too  !

if you guys can think of any interesting ideas to make our game better we would LOVE to hear them and give you credits of course if we use them  :)
Yours truly, SunFury

check out our Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr 

LD33 Post Mortem – How I spent my time

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 3:00 pm

This time I tracked my time using ManicTime so I can present you this fancy table of how I spent my time:

Saturday Sunday Total
Programming 7,79 h 10,09 h 17,88 h
Sleep 3,31 h 4,11 h 7,42 h
Playtesting 1,47 h 3,53 h 5 h
Research 2,66 h 1,58 h 4,24 h
Music 2,09 h 0,92 h 3,01 h
Art 1,1 h 1,81 h 2,91 h
Physics Editors 2,88 h 0 h 2,88 h
Breaks 1,61 h 1,17 h 2,78 h
Brainstorming 1,09 h 0,18 h 1,27 h
Sounds 0 h 0,61 h 0,61 h

Friday is not on that list because for me Ludum Dare started at Saturday 3am. For simplicity I didn’t list Monday either, instead I just broke the 48 hours down into Saturday and Sunday. ManicTime tracks automatically which application has focus and I later assigned one of the above categories to those applications. I may have miss assigned some, so those numbers probably aren’t 100% accurate but close enough.

How it went down

For me the jam started at 3:00 am and I woke up at 3:45am and started right away. I brainstormed ideas for an hour and played the winners from the “You are the villain” Ludum Dare for inspiration. I decided to go with a physics heavy  approach. At one point I was thinking about naming the game QWOPzilla, so you you can see what my inspiration was.

I’ve never worked with any box2d physics editors, but thought that it would save me some time. So I went searching but it seems there are no decent free programs that can handle joints. There is R.U.B.E but that is not free and there is  box2d-editor but that can’t handle joints. Since I was working with LibGdx I had the option of using Tiled Map Editor in combination with Box2DMapObjectParser. But that turned out to be to uncomfortable to work with. In the end I build everything in code so I wasted almost 3 hours on the editors (plus some odd hour programming some useless stuff in). My experience with box2d is very limited so that wasn’t very efficient either, I had to look things up constantly (research category in the table above).

At the end of the first day the game was barley playable and I had started drawing some art and composing some music. But none of it was in the game. I wasn’t really satisfied with how far I had come but I was tired so I went to bed around midnight.

The next morning I implemented the art and began building the level. I was rested and could use the stuff I had build the day before so I had a motivational high as there seemed to be a lot of  progress.

At that point my idea for the game was that you could decide which monster you want to play. Either the monster on the unicycle (pretty much what the finished game is like), or you could play the audience which is throwing tomatoes and booing at the monster. I had the tomato throwing in the game but those made the game crash sometimes and I wasn’t able to track that bug down, even though I spent quite some time on it. That feature would have given my game more depth and more points in theme and probably graphics but in the end I had to cut it.

The result is a finished game and I think out of my LD entries this is the most fun one. Before the compo my main goal was to improve in the fun and overall categories and personally I think I succeeded. Also I wanted to compose the music myself instead of relying on generated music. I reached that goal too, so I can’t really complaint. But given that I had envisioned something else, it leaves behind a sad afterthought.

Play it and tell me what you think. I can’t wait to see what the ratings look like.

Lessons learned

Finishing a game still isn’t easy for me so I came up with the following lessons for myself. Hopefully I will heed them and handle my time more wisely next Ludum Dare.

  • Avoid tools you are unfamiliar with.
  • Kill features that turn out to be time sinks early. Think of a simpler alternative instead. I’m sure the tomatoes would have made it into the game if I had taken an alternative route.
  • Do your homework. Decide beforehand what tools and libraries you want to use and familiarise yourself with them.
  • Don’t be afraid to fake it. For example instead of implementing proper collision detection I limited the jump with a simple timer. To my knowledge no one noticed. And having an imperfectly implemented feature is often better than not having the feature at all.

Kmembert – A puzzle/Infiltration/Action game – Post mortem

Posted by (twitter: @benoitfreslon)
Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 3:20 am




Game description

Kmembert (Camembert: A delicious french cheese) is a puzzle/infiltration/action game :). The gameplay is quite simple: You are a cheese and you have to kill all nazi mice in one shoot. Get the cannon bullet and trick the mice in order to kill them all in a single shoot. 9 levels are playable. HAVE FUN ^^!

Capture_20131215_005Capture_20131215_003 Capture_20131216_005Capture_20131216_002

Post mortem

It was my first Ludum Dare compo. I just be informed of the event 4 days ago. My weekend was busy but I was motivated to create a simple game saturday morning with the theme “You only get one”. I already participed to the “Global Game Jam” twice, but the Ludum Dare is a different challenge.
I cumulate 17 hours of work for this game.

I found the idea in the first minutes: Get the only one bullet, trick the enemies to manage to kill them all in a single shoot.
The controls are simple and the top view allows to create less graphic assets and less code. I’m a big fan of “Metal gear solid” and I recently played “Hotline Miami”. So I unconsciously designed game mechanics with this game in my mind. I always wanted to design a game like Metal Gear Solid :). Therefore mice can run after you if they see you and you can play with the doors.

Level Design
I modified the mouse behaviours 2 hours before the deadline. So I redesigned the levels accoring the modifications.
I tried to design 9 levels with interesting challenge. I think the levels are fun and you also can understand all puzzles quickly. But I had no time to playtest the levels to another players. That’s why the game needs different mice with different behaviours and more balance.

I didn’t want to use human characters, zombies, aliens or monsters. So I decided to imagine a coherent situation with uncomon characters according to the game mechanics. A humanoid cheese against nazi mice ? Why not  :). I’m not a 2d artist but I tried to design simple characters and animations quickly. A pen tablet is a good tool :).

Unfortunatly I didn’t have the time to play on my guitar some cool riffs for the background music. The sound fx are just simple homemade sounds of my mouth :).

I’m a Flash game developer since 2004 so I create all assets, animations and code with Flash. I used the World Construction Kit library. It’s the Box2D physic engine with a WYSIWYG layout, very usefull to design levels. I also used simple libs : TweenMax, Flint. I used “Flash Develop” and I created some assets with Photoshop and Audition.


It was a great experience! Sometimes I watched streams of few developers around the world. I also earn some skills in code with box2d and in graphic design. I found my game interesting but it needs improvements :).

Now I’m gonna play some LD games :).

See you!

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Progress on my first Ludum Dare game!

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 9:35 am

I decided to make a LD48 game too! It’s about trying to dock a spaceship into a fuel station with realistic Box2D physics for extra QWOP-iness. You have one tiny fuel tank and limited electric charge. The realistic physics make it hard to simply move and dock, but you still need to dock to the station before you run out of electric charge or fuel.

The fuel station and fuel/charge gauges aren’t implemented yet, but you can fly the spacecraft with WASD.

Here’s a screenshot:


Here is a playable demo: link

I used Blender3D for the graphics, Box2D for the physics, and Flixel as a game engine.

Happy coding everyone!






A.R.M.: Alien Research Mission (A Post-Mortem)

Posted by (twitter: @justinbowes)
Monday, December 17th, 2012 9:51 am

Sometimes, games are as fun to write as they are to play.Source code includes Goats

What follows is an hour by hour breakdown of why writing this game was awesome.

[stextbox id=”warning” caption=”TL;DR”]


Go play the game. Do a lot of barrel rolls.



Html5 Base-App

Posted by (twitter: @Nehmulos)
Sunday, December 9th, 2012 10:37 am

This weekend I created the base that I’m going to use for the next Ludum Dare.
It uses cocos2d-javascript for graphics, box2d.js for physics and a custom Audiomanager.

If you want to get started with cocos2d-javascript, a look on my source code might be useful for you, since the tutorials are outdated.

I have a custom PhysicsNode class that provides a simple constructor for box2d shapes and synchronizes a cocos2d graphics node with the box2d.body.

Preloading images
I modified cocos2d-javascript to allow simple resource preloading from javascript.
Earlier versions required you to use the cocos2d commandline tool that merged all your files.
Now you can just write this in your Application.js file:

registerResource("images/myimage.png", "image/png");

The custom Audiomanager first checks which codecs are supported,
when you give it an audio file to preload it will use the first url for a supported format:

    "ogg": "audio/blub.ogg",
    "aac": "audio/conversions/blub.aac"

Then you can play it with using the given alias"blub");

The repository also contains a small bash script that converts all ogg files in the audio directory into aac and wav files using ffmepg.

Please feel free to use this base for your own games.
It’s licensed under the zlib license, which means: do WTF you want, just don’t claim, that you wrote code that was written by others.

You can test it here.

Game engine is working…

Posted by (twitter: @McFunkypants)
Friday, August 19th, 2011 11:33 pm

It took me an hour and a half to come up with anything to fit the theme of  “ESCAPE” but once I forced myself to sit down with a marker and a piece of paper, I soon had a simple little thumbnail sketch of what I wanted to make.  I’m using an ultra-simplistic concept that fits the theme and I’m quite happy with it. As my first progress report, I’m happy to say that I’ve finished implementing the basic gameplay mechanic. I’m using HTML5 and box2dweb and am creating a physics puzzler for web, windows exe and android (compiled to .apk using PhoneGap). It took me about two hours to code the entire thing from scratch.  I’d never tried any work with box2d before, and I stumbled with bodies and fixtures and sensors but I’m really happy to say that my basic gameplay testbed and proof-of-concept is complete: we have a “main character” that can bounce around and the engine detects when you touch a “key” which unlocks a “door”.

This means that I am “done” the low level engine and have the rest of the weekend to make it look pretty!

Learning experience

Posted by of Polygon Toys (twitter: @pekuja)
Sunday, December 19th, 2010 9:26 am

So, Ludum Dare 19 is ending in less than ten hours. My game isn’t even close to being finished. I attempted to use this LD as a way to learn PushButton Engine. I feel like what I’ve learned is that PBE is documented poorly and is hard to learn. The current version has no tilemap support, which is quite disappointing as I was trying to make a platformer. I was able to grab code from a development version of PBE though for displaying tilemaps though, but I had a lot of trouble trying to make the tilemap work with the collision detection. The way I was able to make it work was to generate Box2D collision polygons for each tile, but using Box2D physics for a platformer like mine proved to be awkward as my character would get stuck on tile corners and bump off walls, which made wall jumping difficult. PBE does also have its own collision system that does not use Box2D, but I was not able to figure out how to make it work with the tilemap due to lack of documentation.

The one final approach for physics and collision detection I’m yet to try is to ditch Box2D physics, but just utilize its collision detection system, and write my own physics. It’s the final glimmer of hope for PBE, but it’s an uphill battle at this point.

LD18, I am in

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Monday, August 16th, 2010 3:50 pm

August LD is LD I never miss. Was waiting for it since beginning of summer :) This year I managed to take a 2 week vacation around it meaning today is first day of it. Starcraft2 kind of eat big chunk of it though :)

I participated in 6 LDs so far producing something playable only 2 times. Have bad habit of trying something technically complex and new for me which ends up eating too much of my time… Kind of doubt that this time will be different but hope it will :)

Tools? That depends on the theme and my idea for it. Probably Flash for assets and interface, Flash develop for coding + my own code  snippets but majority being coded a new considering my programming knowledge/style. There is chance that I will decide to use some engine/library depending on the idea. They include Box2d/Flixel/Flash Punk. But I kind of doubt that as I do not have good enough knowledge of them to feel comfortable with them. Same goes for Unity 3D, started checking it out few weeks ago but since then interest faded a bit + did not had much time for it. Still chances are pretty slim as I find 3D games to be a hard thing to fill with content in short amount of time.

Checked today an Alchemy port of Box2D from here, from looks of it it seems easy and fun thing, a WYSIWYG physics tuning that allows seamless Flash animation and Box2D physics combination. But only from the looks of it. Still things to learn and code to write for each separate case of such Flash/Box2D binding.

P.S I sure hope Swords or Swordfights wins 😀

Crystal Towers Beta -Final-

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 3:12 pm

Ok here is my final entry. It is far from being polished but I am up for 17 hours 12 of which were programming… My brains are messy now 😀

So no sounds, no bunch of planed effects and sleek interface… And output codes may not be forum friendly… Not time to test and debug but mostly game works.

Also sorry for English don’t have willpower to go and check if I did some mistakes and ofcourse there are bugs and glitches 😀

But at least I did everything I wanted from mechanics point of view. Enjoy this game and share bugs and replays here plz.



EXE file

Browser version

Source FLA and AS files

Well source codes. Half of the time I was waging war with interface which resulted in really messy structure and some bad dependencies. Also I go tired of commenting so I am not shore if it will be of any use to anyone :(

Used Box2DFlashAS3_2.0.1 and some my utilities of my own :)

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