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Might have to try a longer compo next time!

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 3:05 pm

Work in progress, not completed in time, to be continued...
Well my Mash up was going to be a mix between up between Escape From Anathema Mines and Boomshakalaka

The concept was trapped in a mine with a lazer to trigger sticks of TNT to explode and clear boulders, take out enemies and handy mirror/crystals to bounce the lazer around corners.  Oh yeah you were was supposed to have a light like the first escape from Anathema.

It’s been good fun so far and I will finish it off and update, just to see if it will be fun to play!

Features completed:

  1. Level loading from image
  2. Player moving on map, collision with objects
  3. Lazer triggering dynamite fuse
  4. Energy reducing
  5. HUD working
  6. Lighting of tiles, brightness

To do…

  1. Dynamite exploding and clearing boulders
  2. Lazer/map collision
  3. Lazer mirror interaction
  4. Head torch lighting up envirnment
  5. Throwing Dynamite
  6. Enemies
  7. Exit working
  8. More levels…ect


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