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What a weekend – with a personal success

Monday, December 14th, 2015 7:31 am

Hi there. LudumDare Compo is over. It was a really nice theme (two botton controls) and a really funny weekend. I’ve learn much about time management this time and finished the game more than one hour before the countdown stopped.

Here is the final result. It would be nice if you would play’n’rate my game. I will do the same for you and as many other people as I can!

Run for shelter –

Here is the link to my progress documentation at

Thank you!

Boomshakalaka Done!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 6:49 pm

Wayhaaaay a final submission.

BoomShakalaka 3

It’s flash so just go play it now at

source is here

Yay done!

The Chain Fight 1.0

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 3:08 pm

Here’s the 1.0 version of The Chain Fight

The Chain Fight 1.0

The python only link: — Unzip the file, and run ‘python’

The Windows link: (Mirror) — Unzip the file, and run ‘main.exe’

Please find me on IRC, or leave a comment if you find anything wrong. Thanks! If the debug info from the AI bugs you, you can hit ‘D’ during gameplay.

As a note, notice that above, the python is 133 KB, and the Windows version is 2.6 MB. You’ll save yourself a lot of downloading for the python entries if you download and install python and pygame

Checked the winning theme this morning (around 7 hours after the start of the competition) and my mind was just blank. I opened up GraphicsGale, drew a bomb which I was quite pleased with, and that was it. No ideas popped into my head, and aside from deciding I wanted to use the bomb I’d drawn, I had nothing to work on or with. I then went out for the afternoon.

I got home 3 hours ago and started doodling around, until about an hour ago I finally have an idea.

It involves trying to detonate all of the bombs on a level by sliding them around so that when one explodes, it ignites the fuses on any unlit bombs next to it. At the start of the level one or more of the bombs will already be lit, and to make things more interesting, the bombs can have different length fuses.

I’m hoping to be able to come up with a range of levels of varying difficulty, but there’s only just over a day left, I want to get at least some some sleep tonight, need to get to bed early tomorrow, and I’m in the mood for coding rather than working out level designs, so I’ll just have to hope I can get the bulk of this written tonight and in the morning, to leave me a couple of hours early evening tomorrow to put together some levels.

I’ll be coding this in FreeBASIC and just using the standard graphics library, so it’ll be cross platform and work without any dependencies, unless I also find the time to add sounds effects and music of course,  in which case it’ll need FMOD.

Got to pop out for an hour now, but when I get back I’ll put together a quick mock-up screen.

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