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I’m in

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Monday, April 16th, 2012 9:48 pm

I’m in for the 3rd time, and after the major fail of last LD (didn’t finish anything) I will take my time to prepare properly (less beer, more code should be a good start).

As usual I’ll likely be using C++ and SDL with my own code-base, and BlitzMax will be my fallback.
Rest of my toolset will be GIMP for art, SFXR for sound and TuxGuitar for music (if I have enough time to compose anything that is).

Good luck everyone, and lets have a blast!

I’m in (most likely) !

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Sunday, December 11th, 2011 1:10 am

Had such a blast last time, which was my first LD that I’ll participate again (as long as my schedule allows me to, which it should).

My last entry did surprisingly well, taken it was my first time, but due to hectic times at work (we just released new game this Wednesday) I haven’t been able to finish the post-compo version (but its still coming and is actually progressing somewhat steadily, even if slowly… very very slowly!).

I will likely use C++/SDL/OpenGL again, even though I kind of promised myself that I’d use some other language (with GC(!)), but really don’t want to move too far out of my comfort zone while having such limited time. BlitzMax will be my backup tool if I happen to go nerd-rage over silly memory management issues again.

For “art” its the usual GIMP, TuxGuitar and SFXR.

I will probably end up using the same glitchy “framework” I used last time which I wrote a while back Link but I’ll try to get something more usable ready by the next weekend.

Edit: Given my recent drooling over oldskool games I might be using my “retro framework” which i unfourtanetly was unable to finish before LD, but guess its a good way to “beta” test it :). Source available in here

Might have to try a longer compo next time!

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 3:05 pm

Work in progress, not completed in time, to be continued...
Well my Mash up was going to be a mix between up between Escape From Anathema Mines and Boomshakalaka

The concept was trapped in a mine with a lazer to trigger sticks of TNT to explode and clear boulders, take out enemies and handy mirror/crystals to bounce the lazer around corners.  Oh yeah you were was supposed to have a light like the first escape from Anathema.

It’s been good fun so far and I will finish it off and update, just to see if it will be fun to play!

Features completed:

  1. Level loading from image
  2. Player moving on map, collision with objects
  3. Lazer triggering dynamite fuse
  4. Energy reducing
  5. HUD working
  6. Lighting of tiles, brightness

To do…

  1. Dynamite exploding and clearing boulders
  2. Lazer/map collision
  3. Lazer mirror interaction
  4. Head torch lighting up envirnment
  5. Throwing Dynamite
  6. Enemies
  7. Exit working
  8. More levels…ect


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