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Ludum Dare 30 – Top 15 picks after 101 games

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 12:05 pm

Out of the 101 games I played so far, 15 stand out. Click on the pictures to try the games.

1. Heart Star (AdventureIslands)

What it is: Retro, balanced, polished and complete with fantastic pixel graphics and short, compelling puzzles.

Why I like it: There is something nostalgic about it.

This is the one game I saw which could be sellable as is.

Heart Star (AdventureIslands)


2. Planetary Marriage Counseling (WeaselZone)

What it is: A hilarious game where you and your spouse are chained together and go on dates.   Works well as a two player co-op game.

Why I like it: It’s fun even when things are going wrong. Epic when things are going right.

It made me divorce my wife over and over again….for the fun of it.

Planetary Marriage Counseling (WeaselZone)


3. Dino Bolt (GeorgeBroussard)

What it is: An endless runner where dinosaurs are escaping a zoo helicopter.

Why I like it: It is fun and addictive. It shows you don’t need a complex idea to make a great game.

I lost time playing it.

Dino Bolt (GeorgeBroussard)


4. Mammoth Monkey Mole (ehtd)

What it is: A puzzler where different creatures have different abilities.

Why I like it: The sounds are hilarious and the puzzles have a good learning curve where you never feel it is too difficult.

You get to play a mammoth, a monkey and a mole. Need I say more.

Mammoth Monkey Mole (ehtd)


5. Hop Hop Planet (SnoutUp)

What it is: A 2-d take on Super Mario Galaxy.

Why I like it: It has great look, with lots of variety and a good replay factor.

All the things that can kill you look friendly, but looks can be deceiving.

Hop Hop Planet (SnoutUp)


6. Space Breakers (DJWizardCop)

What it is: Breakout with a Space Invader twist.

Why I like it: My wife will kill me if I don’t.

My wife wouldn’t give the keyboard back and she did the same when my daughter was rating it.   In fact she is probably still playing it now (I’m hungry – she hasn’t fed me this week).

Space Breakers (DJWizardCop)


7. Red Thread (NickZangus)

What it is: Two linked characters have to negotiate obstacles to reach each other.

Why I like it: The looks that the characters give each other when they die – it’s those little attentions to detail and some wicked, mean puzzles that make this game.

It’s cute and deadly.

Red Thread (NickZangus)


8. Galactic Bonding (alvarop)

What it is: You are a baby planet copying your dad planet’s facial expressions.

Why I like it: It’s short, hilarious and could be played by a toddler.

My daughter (not a toddler) keeps following me around trying to copy my facial expressions.

Galactic Bonding (alvarop)


9. Stanley Squeaks and the Emerald Burrito (Two Scoop Games)

What it is: A puzzle platformer where you play a hungry hamster.

Why I like it:  Cute as hell, and a great game mechanic.

I kept killing the hamster just to hear its death scream.

Stanley Squeaks and the Emerald Burrito (Two Scoop Games)


10. Lethal Reflection (Steve)

What it is: Geometry Wars.

Why I like it: Geometry Wars.

By the guy who wrote Geometry Wars. Need I say more.

Lethal Reflection (Steve)


11. Space Train (SupSuper)

What it is: Snake on a train…. in space.

Why I like it: Quirky and amusing.  It’s fun, but you really don’t care that it’s difficult.

I wore my train driver’s outfit while I played.

Space Train (SupSuper)


12. Burger Beat (TrickFishPie)

What it is: A running game where you bash the keyboard to operate your runner.

Why I like it: It is so bizarre that you have to admire the mind that created it.

Is it wrong that I find it hilariously funny when your man fails to jump a hurdle?

Burger Beat (TrickFishPie)


13. Orange (JaJ)

What it is: A moral tale in a Zelda-esque world.

Why I like it: The use of colour is good.  It does not feel worthy despite the subject matter.

A thoughtful idea, burdened by an overly long maze.

Orange (JaJ)


14. PRISM (rantt)

What it is: A puzzle platformer where they keep changing the rules.

Why I like it: There is a heavy emphasis on the puzzles themselves, not the packaging (which is not missed).

When I first saw it, I thought “not another of these…” but its strength lies in its puzzles.

PRISM (rantt)


15. Savior: Saver of Souls (John Drury)

What it is: Like Super Crate Box with rising lava.

Why I like it: Fast paced, short, and a classic example of the genre.

If only I was as good at this game as I was at killing time with it.

Savior: Saver of Souls (John Drury)



catt digga

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Sunday, April 27th, 2014 2:54 am

cd1 cd2

game update

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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 3:22 am

my game is #best game

graphics 5/5
sound 5/5
theme 5/5
good 5/5

40 Games Rated – My Favorites

Posted by (twitter: @JarcasStudios)
Monday, September 2nd, 2013 8:58 am

Well, I’ve managed to rate 40 games so far. People seem to like “Best Of” lists, so here are my favorites of the ones I’ve played:

  • Make a game Game – This is definitely my absolute favorite I’ve played so far in LD27 – a clever little game about making a game. This is the kind of thing that anybody who participates in Ludum Dare can really appreciate.

  • Lost Pixel – Underneath this unassuming exterior is an addictive little puzzle game that will really get your heart racing. You are given a grid of random pixels and tasked with finding one particular pixel in 10 seconds. Each time you succeed you’re given a little more time and a larger grid. I got to level 30! Can you beat that?

  • Royal Decree – There wasn’t much to this game, but it charmed me all the same with its wit and packaging. All you have to do is watch the story, and then click twice waiting as close to 10 seconds between the clicks as possible. What really sold me on this game were all the crazy endings. I also did end up having a competition with my wife to see who could get the closest to 10 seconds.

  • Impact – A 10-second endless runner… does that make any sense? I don’t know, but I still love the style that just oozes from this game. Fantastic pixel art that sets a great mood for the end of the world.

  • Time Slime Arena – Nice little arena survival game w/ a surprising amount of depth and player choice. Lots of nice touches of polish in this one.

Top 4 games that best fit the theme

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Friday, April 27th, 2012 1:43 am

While voting, I came across a lot of games that didn’t really fit the theme. However, among the games I’ve played so far I noticed four games which perfectly fitted the theme:

1. Cage by epicSpeedTurtle

This is may personal favourite so far as it resonated pretty well with me. At a glance you’ll see that the game has really few and HUGE pixels, but despite that it manages to convey a very strong mood and a sense of tinyness: You’re an awfully sad hamster living in a cage (yeah, you probably have one in your home)  – and that’s its world – A CAGE! A f***ing 48×24 pixel cage! To make things worse, a fly comes by and makes fun of the hamster – a fly of all things, yeah that annoying flying creature that is free as a fly can be. If I continue writing I’ll spoil too much… I liked the game!!!

2. Casal Navity by Nanofus

This one is pretty original – it’s actually the most original and weird game I’ve encountered so far (and I thought my game was weird). You’re a small (really small) funny looking creature thingie living in someones nose :D. Yeah, it’s pretty yucky from our perspective, but the story-line is presented from its perspective: the nose is its world, its home, its comfy moist cave full of “life-giving substance”. It becomes kind of dangerous after a while and fun :D. PLAY IT!

3. Atom Planet by NMcCoy

This one suits the theme AND it has complex gameplay elements: it’s 2d Minecraft like game – so, it’s rather complex for a 48 hour game. It’s very fun to play as you always try to find all the possible recipes. Moreover the world is also affected by weather (it’s not there just for visuals) and you even get to pick clouds (and even make them).

4. Gum Crisis In Pipe City by jason.bakker

This was the first I’ve played from this LD. It’s really nice and original: you control multiple worm like creatures of all sizes (I mean, from tiny to supertiny) and you… aah I don’t know how to describe the game best – just play it!

I’ll continue playing and judging. I’m planning on making a list of not so great games but with huge potential because one shouldn’t stop developing after the first 48 hours.

(oh, I hate WordPress)

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