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12 Recommendations to Get Higher Rates

Posted by (twitter: @dekart1234)
Saturday, December 13th, 2014 6:01 am

After reviewing multiple games in a short time frame you start to notice certain common patterns. Some games are much easier to test and much more interesting to play while others require much more effort to grasp the idea, which inevitably affects how you rate a game.

In this post I’ll try to describe basic things that you should remember when developing your game for the jam and submitting it for review. Probably these recommendations will help new participants to get better ranks in the future jams, as well as experienced participants to improve their submissions. I’ll use it as my own checklist for my next jam.

Avoid long-standing splash screens and stories

Your reviewers have only a minute or two to test your game, they want to review as many games as possible to get rates for their own games. After few games with nice splash screens you start thinking “Oh, come on, give me the game!” and it spoils the initial impression.

If a splash screen or a story is a must – make sure to make it possible to skip it.


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